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  1. To be clear, I do think this is a good change because it reduces the amount of supply in-play at any one time, whilst allowing groups to gather more supply than before via visits to objectives.
  2. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ARENANET'S MISTAKES*! If you complain they abandon your game-mode for 10 years. *changes/decisions etc.
  3. Uhh.... new noo͞, nyoo͞ adjective Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent. Still fresh. Never used or worn before now.
  4. Actually, having considered the changes, I now believe that they'll be good for the game as they'll make it more difficult for servers to lock down their T3 stuff for a whole week. I like the idea that T3s will be less defensible, but like I've said a zillion times, we need to boost the opportunities for little groups and hinder the giant zergs. I think tomorrow's changes do a bit towards aiding little groups, but I suspect that big groups will also benefit because bigger camps mean they can hoover up more supps, like some whale swallowing krill.
  5. The changes make zergs more capable of capping stuff. I guess it doesn't matter because defending is nigh-futile anyway. I've gone and I won't be coming back in a hurry.
  6. Doing something isn't what happens at Arenahat.
  7. I approve. DO ANYTHING ... just ... anything!
  8. 100% agree. Although the keeps are different shapes (which is good), the Lords really used make the experience at each objective unique and interesting. Now it's just a boring, unstoppable karmatrain.
  9. When Arenanet asked the community for trick/trap suggestions, many years ago, they made caveats that meant they got barely any responses. One such caveat was the stipulation that the trick/trap can't do damage. Ridiculous. With that stipulation firmly defenestrated, we can move on and come up with the tricks/traps we should have had. Proximity Barrel (Explosive) My suggestion is to begin with the Proximity Barrel (Explosive). You can move on to "fire pool (burning oil)" barrels or "cow effect" barrels or whatever later. The one property that Barrels should always have is counterplay. So the trap should be visible to the enemy. If enemies shoot it from range, it should explode. Obviously, this specific barrel should explode, doing approximately 50% of HP damage to all enemies in the area of effect. There must be no target cap at all. Not 25, not 50, none at all. Map blobs should fear the proximity barrel and make special efforts to counter it. Nice to haves I'd like the barrel to do knockback. I'd like the barrel to blow up other barrels, giving players access to hilarious chain reactions. These types of mechanics will lead to very popular social media videos. Points of Balance If the barrel needs nerfing; the amount of supply required to build the barrel can be adjusted, the AoE can be quite small, the damage can be adjusted, the knockback can be reduced/changed to knockdown/removed. Heh, ye. What might have been eh? If only Anet had the willpower ... /sigh ... I guess another company will have to get the glory instead.
  10. Raymond hates the idea so the players can't have it. No matter how much of your stooopid "logic", "common sense" and "rational thought" you spout. I wonder how many WvW players just don't have any goals. We simple WvW folk don't want for much. We did a few legendaries, we did a few ascended weapons... what we don't have, we can make, should we need to. Unless new mechanics are to be added, rewards don't seem like much of a motivator. Is this just me?
  11. We need 0 WvW maps and 4 more PvE maps. Expac here we come... another one I won't be buying.
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