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  1. Sounds an awful lot like invisible thieves or mesmers you can't target or warriors you can't kill ... or ... any other class. Welcome to GW2. Drive careful and such.
  2. It could be quadruple that and people would still pay it. It's a one-off payment every six weeks or something. Not a big deal.
  3. Wait til you get a load of, "Omnishambles".
  4. ..! I will hazard a guess that these new analyses are a first wave of World Restructuring.
  5. Please can we nerf pulls? I know it means things being changed, and actual effort and stuff but I think it'd be for the best.
  6. Ye... Ever since I started playing these sorts of zonal games, "mumble" years ago, I always wondered how the message would get to it's destination if not for the instant communication - it sort of spoils the whole semi-medieval tech vibe. ... when voice comms appeared, I knew that notion was dead. It seems there's no way to get interesting communications minigames to work now without them being circumvented by voice.
  7. That verb and that proper noun don't hold hands.
  8. This is clearly not a gauge of the facts, but it's certainly a good indication of player perception. That perception seems, understandably in my view, quite non-positive.
  9. How about changing the target cap to three for an event week? This should as easy as a Find/Replace on the Attacks file or a parsed equivalent. Find 5 replace with 3. I would expect this could be done very easily, and even if it's not, it's an interesting idea that I think might result in desire for a permanent change.
  10. Mastery points are for ranking up (experience bar at the bottom of the screen). Reward track doesn't go backwards, but partypants (participation) does. Don't worry, you won't lose anything. When you start doing things in WvW you will get participation back (there is a bar on top of your map that shows it). If there are terms you don't understand, just ask in /t or /m.
  11. I think they are a neat idea, but there is a massive problem in getting them to remain in the mode. I suspect it's because regular WvW players have; reluctance to play the siege game, lack of any kind of will to win (due to dominating teams in the tier above), little regard given to defending (either because it's hopeless or because we don't care about winning/want to win (see 2)), fatalism when facing hopeless odds (usually due to dominating teams) The passion needs reigniting and it's Anet's place to do that.
  12. It would be better if it were limited to off-peak time only.
  13. So they just hang about near doors like the rest of us? Scared to come out of objectives for fear of another thief hiding nearby?
  14. Nope. I'll just stay in my tower/keep, instead, but thanks for the... useful?-ish suggestions.
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