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  1. It's this one (I think it's this one, but because you probably won't read it anyway I'm going to pretend I'm certain).
  2. I quite enjoyed doing many of the various weapon collections, and the ones for Aurora (excepting that godawful Draconis Mons timegate). The collections for Vision, on the other hand, are bloody diabolical. The time gate in Istan was a pain in the butt, as was the Rose Quartz accumulation. Forcing players to complete map Mastery for Jahai Bluffs is lazy and prohibitive. I didn't get further than that but it's already harder than all the other collections put together. Overall, I'd have to say that this particular collection is a miserable and disapp
  3. Here's why; Power got nerfed across the board Condi damage didn't get nerfed at all Power damage requires (count them) three stats to be effective; Power itself, Precision and Ferocity - Berserker stats - so you sacrifice survivability on a high power build. Condi damage needs one (or debatably two) stats to be effective - so you can run trailblazer's or dire and have both damage and survivability on a condi build.
  4. Nope. There's no point hoping to one day hit a balance when the core class mechanics are so wildly different that you can't compare them. Thus you can't even have balance as a goal. The only thing you can aim for is "interesting" or "fun", but fun often equates to overpowered. It's the player's job to switch classes when their favourite gets nerfed. It's sad that some classes are horribly difficult to play, narrowing the options for the vast majority of players. That's what I'd like to see changed, but it's a case of radically changing core mechanics, so it
  5. Giant's Rise isn't even subtle. If we're going to just do knob jokes, why don't we do it with all the teams? Horn of Plenty, Swollen Sausage, Enormous kitten, Extending Rod, Engorged Member, Long Dong Let's ask the community for their contributions... (please don't ban me, it's only a joke) ...
  6. Although many of us advocated trying to dynamically handicap the game, he devs prefer a system which gives them absolute control. They talked on he stream many times about being unable to do much about the troubles of WvW until the sides were even, but they've always had the option to create dynamic handicaps - they just don't want to take/commit to it. One reason you're seeing people abstain from the WvW Restructuring Beta is their unfamiliarity with their team. Without familiar faces/voices, WvW is just another MOBA. Another reason is a significant lack of commanders
  7. When all the people around me are strangers, I feel less moral compulsion to die trying to rez them. When all the people around me don't communicate on text because they're busy doing guild-only stuff, I lose interest in helping my team. When people around me don't care either, and everybody is just looking for bags and participation, it turns out that for some people Server Pride actually was a bit of a thing after all, and your reputation might have been crap but at least you had something to hang your hat on. I get the impression that the lack of ANY sen
  8. Indeed. Life, equally, is a waste of time.
  9. Whole guilds can't join WvW at the moment, the one I chose is locked out, and people in other guilds are stating the same. I had the WvW menu up when the servers reset and it told me to choose a team (I already had a guild selected for WvW), and there were yellow padlock icons on all the maps. Now I can't get into that screen (Mist War).
  10. Hang on, this is a poor example - People who play for Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle have zero connection with the local communities or loyalty to them, and transfer to the flavour-of-the-month team at the drop of a [s]hat[/s] lucrative fee. Oh my mistake, it IS just like WvW!
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