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  1. You won't need HoT for Gliding or PoF for Springer and Raptor if you get EoD.
  2. So will you get Gliding and Warclaw free with EoD? They're pretty much essential and leave you lagging miles behind your friends if you don't have them.
  3. Action camera is bugged AF mate. Try it, you can run 3x faster than normal.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear - I mean raids as in a game-mode that exists in the MMO genre, not specifically raids in Guild Wars2. A lot of newer GW2 players have come from WoW and since then I've noticed a marked improvement in the way PvE content is completed. Sure, I get it, but once all the game's PvE content is "on farm", people get fed up and quit. Through player optimisation, a side-effect of raiding as mentioned above, a lot of formerly difficult content is now trivial. It's in the dev's interest to nerf abilities until content is difficult again.
  5. It's a combination of power creep and people simply having geared up alts to provide the boons that the content needs. The "efficient"/elitist PvE mentality comes from raiding.
  6. They said in the livestream that you will get the Springer, Raptor and Gliding if you get EoD without having to buy PoF and HoT.
  7. After careful consideration, I think I'm right about Combo fields. Here's the change I suggest; Finishing your own Combo fields should be nerfed. Halve the duration of the effect you produce. Finishing a friend's Combo fields should be buffed. Double the duration of the effect you produce. This encourages friendship and teamwork!
  8. All the experienced players may realise this is completely incorrect, but it's important to note that it is an opinion of a player, not some guff they made up to fill the forum. The perceptions of the classes should be regarded as extremely important. My friends and I, for instance, are very averse to the twitchy aspects of the game and get instantly rekt by anybody who can play them in WvW. The difference between rubbish and amazing button pressers is too great in this game, and although the vested interests will put a confused face on my post (meme me up, Scotty!) to make me
  9. It's somewhat unsportsmanlike, but nearly all WvW players have all experienced it to some extent. That's why I don't mind so much when I do it to others. I know it's wrong and I feel a little guilty doing it, but I would do it with the memory of enemies doing it to me. Sometimes you need a little revenge - if I could never succeed, no matter how dirty, I'd never play.
  10. I want to get into Roller Beetle racing, but the existing keybinds system isn't flexible enough to allow me to use New Tech comfortably. I wonder if the solution might be an AHK script to change the keybinds to what I want when rolling my Beetle. Is it allowed?
  11. Entropy means trending towards chaos over time. It describes the heat death of the universe and suchlike. As Guild Wars 2 grows an old man/woman beard, and in order to combat the entropy that goes along with it are we heading towards a game where Celestial stats become ubiquitous? On October 5th, the devs have gave us this patch note; With a bunch of uncertainty coming with the new elite specs, Celestial should cover our butts until we know what we're doing. I'm sure some won't move on from that choice of stats. To me, it seems that Celestial is becoming one sta
  12. I ran around with a mini out for a while and it came up with a message saying that it was being hidden because of the number of players on the map. Which I thought was super cool.
  13. Whenever players ask where they should try to communicate with the developers, they say, "The official forums", then they post exclusives that aren't on the official forums. It seems to be a bit, "Do as I say, not as I do".
  14. Oh? Well the warscore on the skirmishes in match history for Skirmish 16 is updating.
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