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  1. I have practically no kp (from killproof.me: 45 Total LI+LD and 55 UFE). There is any class / build that is easily accepted in lfg pug? My goal would be to make the Coalescence ring
  2. I have practically no kp. There is any class / build that is easily accepted in lfg? My goal would be to make the Coalescence ring
  3. There are Bronze and Silver players? There is an unwritten rule that you must be Plat + to participate? or simply the participants are very few?
  4. "I need to move? I only want pips" <3i'm worse, i use random build just for fun
  5. I have the perception that I have not been placed in the correct division. I often lose in 1 vs 1; and my team is always forced to carry me.is it a widespread problem? or is it just my impression?
  6. So i will have extra pips for another 6 weeks? [WSR]When there is so much disparity they could force their hand and re-link right now
  7. Is there a kind of hidden rule that prevents silver / bronze players from participating?On average how many ppl are there per turn? 50? 100? 200? I win 1 match out of 2 in ranked matches, but in tournaments it's another story.
  8. is there a way to view tournament matches as a spectator?
  9. 1 win26 losesrank 600 but what is the lowest rank?is there anyone with rank below 100?
  10. So, however, I find myself again having a long series of victories (or defeats). Until the value reaches the real one.For example, i start the season with a thief (25-30 matches) and being evaluated as Silver 1, afetr I go with the scrapper, what do you think could happen?
  11. Why is account bound?I don't like lock myself with just one profession, but this makes it too difficult (or easy) every time I change during a season
  12. I'm an old player, since day 1.I consider myself to have a casual style, nothing too serious.but now I would like to unlock the legendary raid armor (already done 1 heavy pvp and 1 heavy wvw, easy to do yourself). which profession / build combination is the most requested at the moment in the LFGs?besides "snow crown" and "discretize.eu" are there other good quality sources?
  13. I'll add: pigs, special skin warthog / boarssuper special "flying pig" B)
  14. classic horse as base? special skin nightmare / unicorn / pegasus / kelpie / sleipnirsuper special with outfit Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine and Death)
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