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  1. My main in GW was my elementalist. So naturally when GW2 came out, the ele was my first avatar. What a total shock of a useless character. I did eventually get him to level 80 and he is still garbage. What a shame, such a fun class in GW. GW2 for me is all about the necro and ranger now.
  2. My main is a necro/minion master/staff, but a close 2nd is my Ranger with longbow/pets. Both are very good for open world play.
  3. Ultima Online 1997 - 2008. Still my all time favorite game. We had some great guilds to hang out and train with. 😎
  4. So far I can get anywhere I need to go using the raptor & bunny. I cannot convince you to get a skyscale because I do not see me ever bothering to get one either. 😎
  5. The Charr is not that large on the character creation screen. The ground is not level. If you look, the ground is higher on the 2 sides. The Norn is standing in the lowest portion and is the same height as the Charr who is standing on a raised part of the ground.
  6. I have answered it many times - and it does not matter. This is what they gave us, this is what we are stuck with. What we wanted has no bearing... life is tough all over.
  7. If I wanted to play Pong, I would go back to 1976 and play it. 😎
  8. Yeah. On other games I have seen people asking for a classic server - totally classic.... well... they can keep this, and that, and oh yeah especially the other thing... but classic. Everyone makes their own definition of classic. ha ha 😎
  9. I was playing before, during, and after... and I cannot remember what changed at what time. Was that when they added masteries and e-specs? So - what changed?
  10. No, but e-specs have never really attracted me. My main 2 avatars are a core necro minion master/staff and a core ranger with pet/longbow. I have tried any of the EoD e-specs, and not sure if I will bother.
  11. I have 7 avatars (no thief or engineer), and until they come up with a new profession - I have no reason to use the level 80 boost. Unfortunately EoD would have been a great place for a new profession, so it seems unlikely at this point.
  12. It would make sense to be able to use the cannons. Anyone that really wants a turtle will have one - so why would they take 2nd seat on someone else's turtle? And anyone that doesn't like turtle mounts, won't want to ride either. Most people will end up riding alone...
  13. It is a 10 year old game, with pretty much no advertising. I do not think available languages are really the problem. 😎
  14. Yeah, geographically they are more Asia (or a really big Pacific Island ha ha). Quite a lot of Australia shares time zones with Russia/China/Japan... it is a long way to Europe. 😎
  15. First, welcome to the game. And it sounds like you are on the right track. 1. I am not at all into crafting. I have crafted in other games, but never got into it here. I buy what I want from the trading post, or use whatever drops. There are also various vendors that sell some pretty good gear (laurels, karma etc) 2. As for story order, there is really no benefit, other than lore, to doing it in order. If I play EoD and they talk about some character being dead, then I go to PoF and they are still alive... I really do not care. Some people would. Story order only matters to you if i
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