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  1. I could go for some fun holiday balloons. My charr loves his balloon, and would like more. 😎
  2. That would be too easily prone to abuse. Start a new character, open only Queensdale, or any racial starter area, get all 5 dailies in one spot? Not that 1 gold a day would be game breaking... but I think they set up the daily system to encourage more exploring, and populate dead areas - like activities. 😎
  3. It should never have been a thing... 😎
  4. If they stopped it is because they did not find the maps fun. I have been running the labyrinth for 2 days. I have never made so much gold so fast... and been so bored. I left the labyrinth to do some world bosses because... they are fun. I rift hunt in Amnytas because it is fun. I don't know about you, but fun is why I play. 😎
  5. For the dailies I really do not even mind them being repetitive. I have one avatar permanently parked at the EoD training grounds. The complete a heart, dodge, combo, and defiance bar come up so often he just does them quickly and then I get on with actually playing for the day. I think they are trying to populate the activities by making them part of the daily. The problem I find with that, is that the activities are empty because almost nobody wants to do them... If we are doing them only for the daily, does it make them popular? Not really. On the activities, I am not sure how many there are, but it is almost always sanctum spirit or crab toss. I got the barrel chase once? They are easy but boring. 😎
  6. You only have to do 4 of the 5 for the daily. You can skip the dungeon, or the activity. I don't care for Mario goes to the Sanctum Spirit... but you just walk around for a couple minutes. Boring but easy. (I only do activities for dailies, they are all pretty lame, not a fan of any of the mini-games)
  7. Exactly. Each season can be bought individually, in the gem store (price varies by how many you have unlocked already). ALL seasons can be bought in a bundle, for cash on the GW2 website. The two options make the purchase pretty darned streamlined. 😎
  8. The rifts in SotO tend to be in the same locations. After a while, you see which direction the scanner points and you know where it is (I do not know if they open in a set rotation). I use the nearest waypoint to get as close as I can. The rifts are so popular, and have so many players, the rifts do not stay around long. It is very easy to show up just as the rift is closing... I find them faster to get to if I stay in Amnytas, instead of the Skywatch map - shorter distances to travel. It should show up as a circle on the map - but rarely does in my experience. That is a problem.
  9. Right now they offer the 1st three expansions, with Living World Seasons 2-5 for $99 (season 1 is free for everyone). It would be nice to sell the LW individually, but for actual new players - the $99 for everything except SotO is a bargain.
  10. I'm loving SotO so far. It is the only story in GW or GW2 that I finished (still more to come). I love the events and rift hunting. About half my time is spent running SotO just having fun, the other half of my time is with my World Boss Portal (best gem purchase ever). I do not know or care about the legendaries or achievements. I am playing because it is fun.
  11. Why not? They put daily events in Cantha, HoT, PoF, SotO... not everyone has those either.
  12. The loaner skyscale is the first one I used. I found it quite easy to control and extremely useful, after a very short learning curve. I unlocked the full use skyscale, and it is exactly the same... but now I can dye it. 😎
  13. Yep, I am really enjoying the new system. I am also down to buying the 30aa gold... I preferred the 6aa gold, of course, but free gold is still free. 😎
  14. I am playing far more than I used to. I love the new daily system and the Wizard's Vault. And SotO is the most fun I have had in ages. 😎 For the OP - Right after HoT released, I hated it. I took a break... pretty much until PoF released. I went back later to the HoT maps, and they still suck. I took a break during Icebrood, because my computer died, and it took 6 months to get another from the US. Been pretty steady for a while; EoD was great, SotO is even better (so far).
  15. The skyscale is my usual go to mount, but the others have their uses. The raptor feels faster (but I have never tested it). It corners better, and the jumps are easy. The bunny is still better for small vertical hops... but if I am on the skyscale, I will probably stay on it. For ocean crossings the skyscale can run out of juice and you splash down. The manta ray will glide over long distances. In some of the island, or swamp, areas I will switch to the skimmer. I have never found a real purpose to the jackal, except where they make you use it for sand portals. I do not have a rollerbeetle or gryphon, so have no opinion of them. Generally though, if I am on the skyscale, I just stay on the skyscale, unless I need the skimmer.
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