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  1. The only acceptable place for ads is the rubbish bin. However... if we *had* to have ads, I say put advertising logos on the bad guys. I see an insurance company name on a boss... I am killing him ha ha
  2. Exactly! It is about boobs & butt on a poorly drawn robot. On the plus side, if this is a major game issue - then the game must be doing well ha ha 😎
  3. The benefit is a much better looking critter. The old ones looked disjointed and have always been pretty sloppily made. This is a vast improvement. 😎
  4. I had no idea that legendary weapons were a status symbol. I never look at what other people are using, and would not know what a legendary looked like. I have no interest in legendries or skins. I do not craft, and my gear is good enough. I like the gem store because it allows a way to financially support the game, but I never buy skins. I rarely use the skins that drop/ ANet gift/wherever they come from. 😎
  5. It is easily my most used mount. For normal running around and exploring, it is perfect. 😎
  6. I am older than dirt, and personally prefer my trackball with programmable buttons over the keyboard. Using the mouse is far easier on my hands and more comfortable for my wrists. The only keys I use are W, F, and Tab. Everything else is on the Huge trackball. 😎
  7. Yeah, Old is over 40. Think about it, 35-40 is middle aged, assuming a lifespan of 70-80. Anything beyond that is just gravy ha ha. At 58, I know I have far more days behind than before me... 😎
  8. Get off my lawn! 😎 Me too. I rarely do any instanced content (but love the boss bash in the queen's pavilion). I simply cannot do jumping puzzles as there is no depth on these screens. It is a flat picture, and no way to judge supposed depths (for me). I enjoy what I can do and do not sweat the rest.
  9. I am pretty sure it will never happen, but I wish they would add the Heroes to GW2. At least in instances, like story.
  10. I played GW and enjoyed it. A very different game, though. The towns were the only shared content, outside was instanced. You could team up, but it was much more like a single player game, with guilds and team play. When we were getting ready to move to GW2 I was excited for the move. Starting over was not a concern. GW2 had a cool Hall of Monuments that showed some of our achievements from GW, and got some special 'heritage' skins. What did upset was when they trashed the Hall of Monuments in the Eye of The North. I know it had been years since GW, but it was a nice connection, and
  11. I have never seen a study, but would be interested. Back in the early 2000s I helped run a meetup group for Ultima Online. I was surprised at how many of the players were older or disabled. But it makes sense - MMORPGs give you something to do, and a community of friends, all from the comfort of your home. A perfect setup for some. I was young and disabled then, I am old and disabled now ha ha 😎
  12. I am not interested in story at all, and I always have fun stuff to do in the game. I have 3 chapters left of EoD and IF I finish it (unlikely at this point) it would be the first story I finished since I started GW in 2006. I treat GW2 as an open world sandbox, and go explore & bash critters. I love it. I have never needed ANet to tell me what to do, I make my own fun. They gave us a huge world to explore. 😎
  13. There is story progression (if you care) but no level or gear progression. And, I agree with Linken, there very likely will be a sale next month as it is the game's anniversary month. The gem store has lots of sales, and expansions very likely will too. 😎
  14. I do not really care about the boobs and butt, but I am glad the artwork was improved. The new ones look much better.
  15. That does not look like censoring, more like fixing some old disjointed artwork. The new one is far superior.
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