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  1. Not sure if anyone else agrees but I dislike how, when playing most thief specs, we just press the same button again and again wait for recharge then repeat. Does a trait that says something along the lines of "When using an initiative skill buff other initiative skills by (5-10%) stacking (2-5) times" guiding us to using lots of different skills to upkeep a damage buff? Just an idea I had and thought I would share! Let me know your thoughts!
  2. I completed the Legendary amulet a while ago, that was painful for both me and my teammates as I'm not very good at all, now that the decade of the dragon achievements are around I had to play my 10 PvP matches. I played these games in ranked and on Rev and after the first game I got an Achievement for the backpack. I thought to my self, maybe I can progress through that. It turns out all I needed to do to progress through the first achievement was but a backpack from a vendor. So achievement 1 done, now I read the steps for part 2 and see okay I need wins and kills. But I've got loads of kills in Ranked and at least 120 wins in 1 season. My question is why don't the achievements clock what I've done already? I understand if this was a new achievement that auto-progressing everything would be unfulfilling, but I was working on Transcendence and the item came out after the backpack. My suggestion is either track the achievements whilst they are locked, or: Give the player some info as to what's needed to finish chains. For example let me know at my next PvP win that if I want to finish the chain all I need to do is this last thing, like I needed to buy a backpack.
  3. Please share your build? If you look at wooden potatoes' builds you should be able to solo these events for sure!
  4. There is plenty, I trade in my guild, gw2 exchange on reddit, overflow trading company on discord.
  5. You could also get them from fractals, you can trade 35 fractal relics and some silver for 1 spirit shard. (Dessas fractal journal) I think. That means in one day you can get 10 shards by doing daily fractals. You also got them for doing the fractals themselves. Untill I learned about this I would have agreed
  6. After the event to Eliminate the corrupted ice cores, the boss simply didn't spawn, leaving Rojan the Penitent in a state of constant lockdown preventing the purchase of ice runestones, please fix ASAP.
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