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  1. Everything is green in EoD!!! All maps in the new expansion are so green. Too green. Absolutely green in some cases. New elites are shifting to green also: Untamed, Harbinger, Mechanist... Yeah, yeah, we know it's a jade centered expansion, and jade is mostly known for being green, but: 1) There is also black jade 2) There is also white jade 3) There is also red jade 4) There is also orange jade 5) There is also yellow jade 6) There is also blue jade 7) The ir also mauve jade...
  2. Yes, it happens the same to me. From time to time when a NPC dies it stays in place like a statue. Dying animation is lost.
  3. Well, there are only 2 EoD specs that have hammer as weapon. Sorry for you (and for me).
  4. It is like someone in Anet wants to demonstrate that hammer is always the wrong choice. He must be thinking now: "See? I told you!!!"
  5. As I understand it, those "variants" could be the very same weapon design, but with different colored flashes (epileptic green, epileptic red...)
  6. Agreed. I propose that only the 1-80 story is removed for Tengu (they acrtually don't fit in it). And about body structure, they could use charr's one. Even if the present Tengu NPC are not exactly charr-structured toons, they look close to it, so creating a "feathered" version of the charr would be easier, of course.
  7. Can you stop it already, please? Just try to ignore my comments if you don't like them, but please, don't harass me.
  8. I made 20 or more posts detailing my proposal (no story and use of charr body structure). You can read about it above.
  9. They presented nothing but a big : No, don't add that feature because [I, ME, MYSELF] say so. I just ask for a feature. You don't like it? It's ok. You will probably ask for other stuff and I will never say NO, don't add that because that is not good for the game or for other players. Because I respect other people,s taste.
  10. Only you are relevant, you set it clear. You are the only one entitled to say what's good or bad for everyone else. My apologies!!!!! 🤣
  11. LOL. All is crystal clear now, have a nice life, dude!!!
  12. The devs and ANET former CEO stated that POF was the last expansion of GW2 and we will never see another one, remember?
  13. Low value for you. The highest value for me. Now tell me who is right.
  14. Oh, sorry, I didn't know that you worked for ANET and that you know what ANET should put resources on.
  15. No, I don't want that. Read my post. You will notice nothing at all with the addition of that storyless race, because you will have the same options you had before. But you are one of those selfish people that, when they don't like something, they say NO to that thing for everyone else.
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