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  1. One thing this game needs is a Public Test Environment (PTS) that could help collect feedback on changes before they are implemented. The folks over at ESO have this, and it appears to work well for them, from what I observed. I'm not sure why this isn't a thing with GW2 @Josh Davis.7865 . Could you clarify? Also, what's with all this secrecy before releases? Are you afraid of something? Perhaps that people will not like the changes? As you can see, people clearly don't like these unpleasant surprises that are a result of lack of testing and the absence of a more open environment for doing
  2. Not sure is this because I play via GFN, but I just crashed twice in a row porting to the guild hall and talking to the Treasurer.
  3. Same here. Bought a 2k gem card, can't redeem it. Had I spotted this thread earlier wouldn't create another one.
  4. I've read the help articles and I know that GFN users can't buy stuff in game directly now, but we can't even redeem codes, as I just learned. Can someone have a look why this isn't working?
  5. Whenever I want to submit a ticket and it asks me to log in to submit the page redirects me to my account page, i.e., I cannot submit a ticket the normal way, only anonymously.
  6. You know, for the first time in a long time I feel good about my decision to purchase, and I went with the Ultimate Edition. I've been a strong ArenaNet critic (and rightfully so, for all the wrong decisions they have made in the past, and the neglect they have demonstrated, mainly towards the competitive user base + their parent company has a very bad reputation overall). I like the new (or perhaps not as new? - correct me on this, please) direction they are taking, considering community feedback, adding new stuff, especially the WvW part I'm looking forward to, tweaking, the new elite s
  7. Purchased Friday evening, it's been over 2 days and still nothing. Trying to log in to the support page with my account fails. Can someone help?
  8. They responded to me too, exactly after one day, but requiring further verification (asking me to send them an email from my email, because the request was sent anonymously since I did not have access to my support account). I will certainly not avoid GFN as I'm on Mac, and GFN is a very good thing. Instead of spending thousands on computers that become obsolete in 2-3 years I can rent one for 5x that amount of time and enjoy games at the best details on even low end hardware. If their system keeps being more sensitive than some people on the internet they might start losing customers, b
  9. The thing about this is that it really shouldn't happen. There should be a unique identifier for people who stream the game. Also, gaming via VPN is becoming more a thing, see the following https://us.norton.com/products/norton-360-for-gamers Often using a VPN for gaming is a must as grieving is a thing, and the amount of sore losers who'd hijack your IP just because you downed them in an online game is quite astonishing. At the same time I don't understand using a VPN for cheating? You're still logged in to an account that can be traced.
  10. I already created a topic about it here and there's a Reddit thread too. Many users are impacted. It's because we use GeForce NOW, but why it triggered all of a sudden is a mystery.
  11. Yesterday I was playing normally, today I logged in, only to be greeted by a "Your account has been blocked for security purposes, please contact support for assistance" message. I wish I could at least log in to my support account, but I can't, so I had to submit a ticket anonymously. I presume this is because I use VPN a lot, but I make sure to turn it off before launching GeForce NOW, which is the only way I play Guild Wars 2 recently since I moved to MacOS. I submitted a ticket and the number is 8366583, if someone could look into it. Many thanks!
  12. We’re a social Guild Wars 2 PvX guild focused mainly on organised (not hardcore) WvW content, located on the Ring of Fire (RoF) server. Our aim is to become a tight-knit group that thrives in outnumbered fights, putting emphasis on coordinated team play. We also enjoy a variety of PvE activities. ⚠️ Being active is of highest importance because it is essential for what we’re trying to build. Unlike most guilds, we only follow a simple, common sense ruleset: 👉 Our only requirement is to attend scheduled events. Because most of us have real life commitments, activity in the game is
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