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  1. We’re a PvX guild focused mainly on organised WvW content, located on the Ring of Fire (RoF) server. Our aim is to become a tight-knit community that thrives in outnumbered fights, putting emphasis on coordinated team play. Aside from WvW, we also enjoy exploration & questing, dungeons, bounties, world bosses, fractals and explore PvE raiding. While most guilds present a lot of requirements, we have but one ask - to be there for scheduled events, because most of us have commitments and activity in the game is limited to ±2x/week, evening hours CET / CEST.
  2. Hi @Raymond Lukes.6305, could we get an official statement on whether you guys scrapped it, or are / will be working on this? It would only be appropriate given the long absence of any communication on this front.
  3. I read somewhere (Reddit I think, but cannot be sure) that this project has been scrapped and won’t be developed. After such time of silence on their end I believe this to be true.
  4. I feel I have to express my discontent with their decision, as someone who’s moving to the Mac from Windows - I think this is a bad move, but an expected one. One of the reasons they are not porting is this game is old. Guess what, WoW was made ready for Mac the moment the M1 was released, and WoW is much older than GW2 or ESO or other titles in this category with such a lifespan, so ANet using the “our game is old” argument is just not a good enough reason. Another reason is money. Well, if they took better turns and devised better monetary strategies this wouldn’t be a problem. There are man
  5. I can confirm now after going to the area Noori spawned. It appears to be fixed, but I wonder why there was no mention in the Natch Potes. Or perhaps it's one of those random glitches when it seems to work.
  6. I’m not sure it’s actually working? I tested today very close to an enemy group so they are marked, didn’t seem that way.
  7. Perhaps one simpler way of making thief a more challenging class to play would be to remove the initiative system and impose cool downs on their skills. Right now it’s way too forgiving as thieves can withdraw from combat as they please, with near-infinite dodges. It’s not so much the stealth that’s a problem. It’s rather annoying, but can be countered. Condis are excellent against enemies who use stealth. It’s as easy as that. What is hard to counter is the constant step-in-step-out of combat that’s completely out of hand. I know, as I have a thief, and it really doesn’t require much to best
  8. So the most sensible question to ask given the circumstances is why haven’t ANet moved the server to the NA category of servers? Some other things to do: Merge low population serversImprove server latency by looking at the many passives that cause a heavy loadAdd news mapsChange existing ones, possibly in line with the story to make it more interesting for new people to joinLook at areas of improvement, think about possibly making underwater combat a fresh new experience There’s so much that could be done that could improve gameplay, but no. Let’s just add a new skin every week. I see it as t
  9. They COULD be making more money if they stopped neglecting a huge part of the community, WvW. PvE has seen the most updates, PvP some, WvW sadly close to nothing. The only “noteworthy” addition was the Warclaw, but that was something no one wanted, and it’s been nerfed to a point it’s really just a cosmetic. It feels like you move faster on foot and dismounting someone is super easy.
  10. Ofc, because there was not even a mention in the patch notes about a fix. They added UX improvements to the inventory tho', albeit slightly lacking, because they took away the option to move the Compact option away, and some people tend to miss-click.
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