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Another useless elite spec for WvW


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I wont be buying this expansion, not just Virtuoso, but every elite spec so far feels so uninspired and detached from the class themes they come from.


Chronomancer should in theory be the wvw spec, but wells are so unimpactful and no one ever uses them.

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19 hours ago, aaron.7850 said:

Chronomancer should in theory be the wvw spec, but wells are so unimpactful and no one ever uses them.

aside from grav well, but even that one is so overestimated, considering it's still on the class that got Curtain in the first place, i feel like people put too much weight on a 60s cooldown just to confirm a kill... like, i'd rather have Well of Suffering over Gravity Well if given the option, and that's so disgusting considering one is a utility on half the cooldown and the other is a freaking elite CC


but, yea

virtuoso being a joke is one thing, after the only thing mirage gave us in wvw was GS ambush, and uh, finally staff ambush which..... still shouldn't be a thing.................... 


but necro getting a literal glass cannon is hysterical, considering they didn't offer any form of survivability like a trait that removes the blight mechanic entirely or have the heal cleanse you of it or something, though i'm considering how blood bank would work with this? still sounds not great, and RNG dependent, however, and i'd probably still rather just play core necro if i were going to go ahead and deal with shroud projectiles in the first place....???

because at least you get damage soak and don't reduce your health to freaking half??????


guardian needed this, though 

they needed a spec that wasn't support oriented, they've had enough of those

it might still be stupid for roaming, i don't actually know, but it doesn't matter, i'm glad they didn't get ANOTHER group-oriented role, being the only stab bot in the entire game, they seriously needed to get held back a bit for groups




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