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  1. Whats an eays to use build to do huge bursts and stealth away in wvw?
  2. I didnt say I was quitting, did I?
  3. I wont be buying this expansion, not just Virtuoso, but every elite spec so far feels so uninspired and detached from the class themes they come from. Chronomancer should in theory be the wvw spec, but wells are so unimpactful and no one ever uses them.
  4. None of the recommended or meta builds for WvW use Condition Damage builds. Sure, you can roam solo or with a few friends with it, but what matters in wvw is zerging and blob fights.
  5. Longbow also has a symbol and still most puzzling of all, why torch?? :S
  6. https://gw2mists.com/builds/guardian/power-dragonhunter According to this site, you should use staff /scepter+torch... like, why on earth? Why torch? Its a condi weapon, focus or shield seem much better for zerging. and why staff over longbow? staff is a support weapon, sure it can do damage but surely longbow does more damage and bring better CC
  7. I am talking about the leap attacks, Vault and Bounding Dodger. Perhaps increase the area radius? Its not like Daredevil staff is strong or anything.
  8. A lot of weapons and builds are really bad, they need to buff the low-performing weapons so we can have more variety
  9. Whatever build benefits sage amulet would do great with Celestial stats. There is also Marshal's but Celestial is better.
  10. Should I take the burning traits in Radiance, or the strike damage ones?
  11. Yeah I know celestial isnt optimal for damage, so that out of the way... What build and weapons would make a full celestial guardian do most damage? Zeal-Radiance-FB or Virtues-Radiance-FB?
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