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Fast template switching is causing massive stutters

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Not sure about what kind of stutters is this about. But...

Some people in this game love to have over-infused ( alot of cosmetic infusions ) characters and harass people placing their characters in other player's camera view to cause FPS drop, which also increase GPU load and heat.

Today in Mistlock i've noticed this:

It was over-infused character with tonic.

Simple solution to deal with that:

Character Model Limit - Target Only

Character Model Limit - Do not Load other character models

I hope arena will consider it.



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I saw these people actively switching their templates multiples times per second. This is different from just role playing as a Christmas tree 😁


These stutters could even last a couple seconds, when people in the know how to do this are doing it as quickly as they can. Multiple people were complaining about this in my instance of Mistlock Sanctuary.

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