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Any build for druid? WvWvW


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Hello everyone, don't play WvWvW since path of fire started, always play with a guardian or rev, for now wanna try something new~
Does anyone say about builds for druid? On a fields of battle x3
So many new thing sinse 4 year.  I saw metabattle already, but maybe there is other opinion? ^^"

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Druids, like most of the Ranger specs, are not particularly as useful in zerg play as either Guards or Revs are. Are you looking for a zerg focused build? Or are you looking for a more roamer focused build? If you're want a zerg build, you might be better off with Soulbeast or Core Ranger for their insane damage modifiers. If you wanna roam as a Druid, there are some really nasty condi focus builds that can basically perma immob your target while you pour on condis and heal yourself up/stealth away to kite when you're in danger. 

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