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Shift key remapped not working.

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I have a five button mouse and have one of the buttons, button 5, remapped to SHIFT.

When remapping abilities in GW2, I remapped one to: Shift + B, (I press as MouseButton 5 + B). Today morning it was working fine, but now it does not work.


The script is working fine when I am not in-game: as in Word or other games where I use it, but when playing GW2 it stopped working.

Mind you, when pressing the actual Shift key + B, the ability works, is just when I press MouseButton 5 that is not working.

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  • DonQuixote.6347 changed the title to Shift key remapped not working.

I'm assuming there was a patch when this started happening? If GW2 is installed to Program Files, it will require admin privileges to patch. Software that isn't running as an admin can't interact with software that is, so if your macro software isn't running as an admin, it would appear to stop working whenever there's a patch.

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