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  1. They switched to help.guildwars2.com in 2014. They're still using support.guildwars2.com in some (newer) places, like on the top of this page, but that's likely the result of copy/pasting it from old sources or simply not bothering to change it because it doesn't matter. The older links (https://en.support.guildwars2.com) on the other hand became a problem when certificates became stricter.
  2. The most common problem would be throttling from high temperatures due to a build up of dust, degraded fans/cooling, old thermal paste, etc. Software bloat will also slow down your system, which can also happen to GW2 itself (Local.dat can bloat and impact performance; it's usually around 30 MB). Hardware can degrade due to damage, which is commonly seen with extreme overclocking or running at unsafe temperatures, but that's likely to cause instabilities, crashing, blue screens, etc. Worst case, there is no solution, as the (entire) game simply has higher requirements now. Yo
  3. The (estimated) tick rate is something arcdps shows. If there was a server problem, everyone would be affected, so compare with other people. If it's only you, you're experiencing packet loss.
  4. Neither specifically. That was a what if it had been instanced with a public/private option like Dragonstorm/Marionette, not what if it had been at the difficulty of Dragonstorm. If it was as is, but instanced, it would turned out just like the Marionette, but worse. ArenaNet would have had to actually respond, or maybe not considering they never changed the Marionette to allow platforming jumping so you don't have to watch 1 group fail it each time.
  5. They started using googleusercontent.com a while ago. If you lookup the IP for the patch server (assetcdn.101.arenanetworks.com), you'll notice there's only 1 IP and it's the same for everyone ( Trace it and you'll find googleusercontent.com.
  6. Imagine if it was instanced like Dragonstorm. Public would have a ~15% success rate and private would be complaining about having half the number of people. Participation would likely be a fraction of what it is. As is, people are treating this meta as "private" (majority of the map is filled via LFG), which at least allows some "public" players (people who enter the map naturally) to participate. I'm guessing that was the goal - they want open world players to form groups (which happened back in the Tequatl days) in hopes they start doing other content, specifically strikes.
  7. Are you sure? I've been using "latest" the entire time. There are multiple servers, so maybe one is wrong, but I've checked both NA (, and EU (, and they're currently accurate.
  8. You can query up to 200 at a time via /items?ids=1,2,3... or /items?page=0&page_size=200 You'll want to make a database, query the list of IDs, take any IDs you're not already aware of and query them in batches of 200. You could use someone else's to start with: https://api.gw2tp.com/1/bulk/items-names.json If this isn't something you really need and you're only rarely wanting a few IDs, simply pull it from the wiki or one of the various sites where you can search for items.
  9. The EoD maps have a low population cap for whatever reason, like half (or less) of what it usually is, and that makes the problems with the megaserver more obvious. For new or over populated maps, they try to spread people out, so the map will never actually fill past a certain percentage before it starts prioritizing a new one, which is only made worse when people use LFG to jump into a different map. There ends up only be around 40 people in the map, then likely half of that is fishing or AFK, so the map seems dead. Funny thing is, when the population dies out, the map will seem more active,
  10. A second screen will impact your GPU - everything displayed will impact your GPU. To minimize GPU memory usage, close everything else (or reboot) prior to playing, especially any web browsers, as they can use a lot of memory. For GW2, you'll want to lower your settings, but I'm guessing you're already on best performance. Enabling DX11 will be worse (it's now the default), but eventually it should be better. Update your GPU drivers. Since this is a laptop, ensure it's set to high performance (usually the default when plugged in) rather than a power saving mode.
  11. Running out of dedicated GPU memory can cause this, as well as stuttering and/or low FPS (a fraction of what you'd normally see). This will become more noticeable now, as DX11 uses more GPU and requires more GPU memory, even more so in EoD (>2GB for high settings/textures). You can check your GPU usage/memory by pressing ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager, selecting the performance tab and selecting your GPU from the list. I've also (rarely) seen this happen by simply having another window open on a secondary screen, which would cause the GPU usage to spike. Closing the window or
  12. It's either - bait or a lure is required to fish.
  13. It took me around 30~40 runs to get it. If you want more attempts, you can do the event more than once a day (you get a chest each time) and can buy 5 extra chests per week. For comparison, hundreds of chests later, I've yet to see a jade bot upgrade drop.
  14. S1 shouldn't be taking a full team to complete. I'd imagine it's being done by the smaller activities/events team that was doing smaller things like current events and later fixing festivals. ArenaNet used to have 3 teams dedicated to the living world and another team dedicated to expansions. It was taking them around 6 months (season 3), up to around 11 months (season 4) to create each episode. "Season 6" will probably start in 2023 and be much smaller in scope, as the focus is likely now on expansions (the top people who were pushing the living world are gone and NCSoft always wanted mo
  15. August/September - they've always gone on sale during the anniversary. They're planning to launch on Steam by the end of the year, so I also wouldn't be surprised to see another replay after that.
  16. It's not something you can toggle yourself, it's normally only visible on the dev client. They likely forgot to disable it under certain conditions; it seems to only appear on higher resolutions. I doubt this will work, but considering it's something the devs can toggle, maybe it's a hidden setting. Warning - this will reset all game settings - launch using: -prefreset
  17. Changing the refresh rate is a feature of exclusive full screen, which DX11 never supported, so the option shouldn't have had any effect. If it did anything, it would have only served as a frame limiter (x Hz = x FPS).
  18. See the interactive map, not the screenshot.
  19. It always did that - you get the debuff the moment you leave your skiff. Originally you could mount while on the skiff to prevent you from getting the debuff until you dismounted, but they nerfed that weeks ago. Note the debuff doesn't matter. Fishing party is sourced from your skiff, so as long as your skiff is alive, you can simply get back on it to recover your stacks. When your skiff is destroyed, there's a hidden 15 second timer before it loses its stacks. What the debuff represents is how long you have to copy your current stacks to another skiff. A bug I've noticed is if you s
  20. The map on the wiki is wrong because it uses the API whereas the static page is correct.
  21. 80808 means you need to contact support; your account is blocked from making purchases.
  22. gw2timer.com? is showing the correct dailies, so if it's wrong for you, try clearing your cache, or lazy test, open a private window.
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