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Beard colour glitch

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Good Day


I recently changed the appearance of my character, and gave him that long pointed beard (Human male). The color of his hair and beard is blonde in the preview window. but when I applied the kit, his beard ended up being grey and his hair still blonde...it looks ridiculous. I even bought another kit and tried a different color. Not matter what I choose the beard always stays grey.


Not sure if this is a lighting glitch, but please fix!



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On 9/14/2021 at 10:58 AM, Teratus.2859 said:

Just a guess but, is the accessory colour grey?..

Something could have gone wrong there and the beard is using the accessory colour instead of the hair colour.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Nope the accessory was orange, I tried making it the same color as the hair and its still doing the same thing...

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