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  1. From my experience the most lazy builds that cause the most L2p issues are your generic DPS meta builds that people pull off the internet. Don't understand how to actually use them properly. And use them through the entire game regardless until they finally hit a sponge wall they can't just DPS smash through and then start complaining about how "hard" the game is because they don't know how to actually make builds or modify them to overcome situations where their current playstyle and build is no longer effective. It's easy to just blame that all on the players but the game deserves som
  2. You and me both.. would have been nice to have had something.
  3. How would that make the fight harder? Ranged weapons are one of the best methods of damage avoidance and max DPS uptime, especially on Ranger which has a pet to tank for it, further reducing the need for kiting etc.
  4. Just that it's worth doing if there is enough fan demand for it. Plus there is already an existing Gw1 fight to build on. Almost all of the new content in Gw2 has been reusing Gw1 locations and lore etc. It's just easier and quicker to build on something, to expand on something than it is to just create something entirely from scratch. I agree there is no good reason for people not to buy and play Gw1.. but the sad reality is the vast majority of people still won't do it and nothing you can say to them will convince most of them to do so.. that's just how people are. And I don't be
  5. Oh there is certainly a financial element for sure, as well as developer passion projects. But there's also fan demand as well which more often than not likely influences that financial incentive. Sometimes fans are willing to take matters into their own hands too and start massive fan projects to remake certain games. Sometimes companies even allow this to happen such as Skyblivion, and other times they go out of their way to shut the projects down entirely no matter how promising.. which is what sadly happened to Goldeneye 25. All that really says is that if companies ignore the de
  6. To be fair a large portion of remakes are remade for that exact reason.. FF7 is still a perfectly functional and enjoyable game and yet that got.. partly remade (as of now) and is almost unrecognisable from the original.. much to the cheers of some fans and utter contempt of others lol Pretty much agree with everything else you said though, specially about depriving themselves of a good time. I do generally like the idea of remastering and remaking stuff.. within reason (Baldurs Gate Enhanced Editions, the Turok remakes and Resident Evil 1 for example are superb examples of remasters/re
  7. Man I am seeing so many annoyed ele players all over the internet atm.. largely because this is another melee spec. I can't say I blame them, although I do admit this spec does look fun, I like the whole summoner element and the little magic creatures look pretty cool. I can't really say I agree with the choice of giving Ele's Hammer.. I do agree with the masses that what Ele needs more than anything is good ranged options. But hammer.. on a light class? And not just that but on a light class which is notorious for being super squishy? That's a real oddball combination if you ask m
  8. Haha true enough that XD Though they have brought back a few of the older Gw2 developers so hopefully lore headaches will be minimal in future content 🙂
  9. Taste also plays a part, there are already elite specs that some people simply don't like and never use because of that. Personally I really don't like the Scourge elite spec, thus I don't use it.. but many others do. Harbinger too was interesting to play but not really my cup of tea tbh so I doubt i'll be using that one much either. These new specs will gain their fair share of people who like em and those who don't and don't use them so really there can be a lot of different specs still to come that have their appeals to different people. There's always next time if you find yourse
  10. Both deaths were mentioned as candidates🙂 Part of the reason for remaking Gw1 battles would be to give them a little re-imagining. Gw1 and Gw2 being very different games and all that, they could make those kinds of fights way more interesting in Gw2 even if they stick closely to aspects of the original fight. Though personally if I had the choice I would also prefer to have the first death and the unleashing of the Jade Wind shown in a fractal instead since that would be a more interesting fractal. But there are plenty of things in Gw1 that would make good fractals in Gw2, and we al
  11. This is a subject that i've brought up multiple times over the years.. and is the main reason why i've criticized Anet for not bundling the living world seasons into their respective expansions. I've had multiple real life friends who've told me they won't play this game because of how much they'd have to spend on the game just to get the complete story. They know they could buy the chapters with in game gold etc but it doesn't matter, half of them don't have the time to commit to the kind of gold farming they would need to do to unlock it all and it's just too messy, specially since the
  12. Wow! I said a good while ago that something Anet could do with future elite specs was to give a second skillset to a weapon a class can already use so you could have something like a Warrior with two Greatswords that have totally different skills. There's a good few differences from that post but they basically went and did it lol You will now be able to have a warrior in Gw2 with 2 greatswords with different skill sets 😄 thats pretty great. It's also great to see something like the Warrior get an elite spec that gives it a special weapon like this. Outside of Engineer kits, Ele's
  13. I'm voting yes. BUT!! not as a revived big bad who we'll fight in the story or something. When I say "Yes" to bringing back Shiro I mean specifically doing it in the format of a Fractal or Strike Mission. Time is something we can play around with in the mists, allowing us to re-live certain events from the past such as the Charr invading Ascalon or discovering what happened at the Thermanova reactor etc. There are many events in the history of Tyria that can be made into Fractals or Mists based Strike missions, Remaking Shiro's fall at the end of Gw1 Fractals would be a fun one to s
  14. Should be an interesting one for sure. I really hope there is some unique dialogue if you happen to be using the Shiro Legend with this spec lol
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