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  1. Looks like a bunch of Chronomancers are playing an April fools joke on everyone. What? it's not April? Duh.. they're Chronomancers!! they don't care about dates 😛
  2. Time played a big factor in it, Trying to get people to come back to raids this late in makes it harder lol Lot of people have moved on now, just don't care anymore which is why I really wish there was something like an easy mode introduced to entice them back. Haha very true ^^ Yeah I know, there's still the meta's for those roles too though. I wish more thought as you do, unfortunately I see more experiences saying the opposite. Meta's are in high demand in this content, and that is for good reason I do get that. I just wish we had with rai
  3. I made that point myself, hence why I keep saying the meta's are not necessary to beat raid content. Not entirely, plenty of raiders admit that the faster the kill the better because it limits the time for mistakes etc, The longer the raid goes on for the higher risk for it to fail. Meta's are just the optimal way to achieve those kills, nobody is disputing that. A big part of giving inexperienced players those meta builds aside from what you said is because they are also in demand. They're not just preparing you for raids, they're helping you integrate into the desires a
  4. Like I've said, a lot of it is due to negative experiences with other players, same thing that turned a lot of people away from dungeons years ago as well. There are still people who want to get into it but just feel it's not worth the trouble to try these days. Often it comes to a choice between not bothering or submitting to the demands and rules of a community they don't like very much and have had negative experiences with.. most choose the former in that case. I believe that is something an easy mode for raids will remedy since it would only really appeal to those kinds of players
  5. These days it's more to do with people having given up. As you said in the early days there were plenty of people using the LFG to find groups, but these days it's not inexperienced raiders not wanting to join all welcome groups it's inexperienced players not even bothering to try in the first place. This is largely because they have been driven away by negative experiences with other players in raid content. This is what makes it so difficult to get a more casual raiding community going, why some of us want an easy mode to revitalise that interest in people and get them to give it anot
  6. Raids are not that hard is something we tend to agree on for the record. Mechanics are the biggest bar to overcome even experienced raiders like Teapot state this over and over again. But it's the meta culture that deny most people the option to learn those mechanics.. thus they can't get into raiding. That is why there is so much demand for an easier environment so that these people can learn those mechanics without being bullied into using some meta build they don't like nor know how to use effectively. Just giving someone a meta build capable of 40K DPS doesn't mean anything, there
  7. It's the players who enforce the meta, but the LFG shows it. It's easy enough to see this for yourself, just make a LFG saying casual run, anyone welcome and prepare to sit there for hours waiting for almost nobody to join. It's because so many people have been driven away, it's why it's so difficult for these kinds of players to just "make our own groups" as experienced raiders will often tell us to do. There's nothing wrong with that, I've said many times in the past that the feeling is mutual about not wanting to play with the kind of people who make those kinds of dema
  8. Two comments weren't exactly related but no worries. Raids are gatekept by the simple existence of a fiercely enforced meta.. play this or get lost is the attitude countless people have experienced trying to get into raiding. This is exactly why raids have a reputation for being toxic and elitist in the first place. But it's utterly irrelevant because there are plenty of non meta, non optimised builds out there that can play and beat raid content. People have beaten raids in literal masterwork gear, so the attitude that optimised meta builds are the "only" way to play raids is nothi
  9. Yeah I loved that video too. Teapot basically justified every point i've made in the past for why an easy mode raids would be beneficial for those who want to raid but can't get into it. The Meta's which many fiercely protect are not mandatory to beat the content, this has been proven over and over again. It's just a lie some people intentionally spread to gatekeep the content because they don't want to deal with people who want to play less optimally because that's how they enjoy the game.
  10. I'm just glad to see a big name out there promoting Necro's potential as a safety net. I've banged on that wall for years and mostly been dismissed or mocked for it. Necros are not as useless as a lot of people claim they are, and i'm glad Teapot is proving this to his massive fanbase.
  11. Oh dear Grenth no XD If you want a tail play a charr, the last thing I wanna see in Gw2 is Sylvari, Norn and Humans running around with tails.. it's ridiculous lol
  12. Old bug.. i'm amazed this still hasn't been fixed, people have been reporting it for years.
  13. Evades and Vigor would be my trade off, as well as a damage increase. But Thief will never get the damage buffs that thief players keep asking for so long as it has so much access to a highly abusable stealth mechanic. Personally i'd rather have scrapper thieves that reward skillful play but that's just me, most thief players would rather abuse stealth and blinks to play dirty and annoy people.. because it's easy and effective.
  14. Common misconception really.. Sure the Commander is powerful to some degree but it is probably more accurate to say the Commander is highly "accomplished" instead. It's important to keep in mind that we have done almost nothing in this game without help and/or support from other powerful or accomplished heroes and factions. We have made a lot of powerful friends. The Pact and the Individual Orders of Tyria The Exalted The Olmakhan The Crystal Bloom The Sunspears Human Royalty, Queen Jennah. Leaders in the Charr Legions as well as some highly skilled Charr operatives.
  15. While I agree with the whole subjective being thrown around a lot I disagree on beauty. Beauty is something that varies person by person due to taste, you can say you find those buildings beautiful because they are to you.. they might be for the vast majority of people but they may not be to everybody. Some people may not even have the ability to even appreciate them or what they represent. Take for example the London Eye, plenty of people like that. But I personally think it's a hideous monstrosity.. I'd go so far as to say I genuinely hate it and London is uglier because of it lol
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