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Dx11 textures going haywire in Aetherblade and Mai Trin Fractals

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I've only experienced problems in these two so far

 In Aetherblade everything went down the drain when we reached the electrified ground part: the UI started acting up, flashing and then disappearing. Walls and ground disappeared as well.

Had to restart the game

It happened again with the exact same effects upon reaching the rotating electrified walls just above...

Had to restart again

At that point the party was at the end without me, so I can't say if the rotating electrified walls in the last area would cause the same problems


With Mai Trin the same problems appeared when static-like animations were at the screen, and my game crashed just after finishing the fractal

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I had the same issue in Aetherblade last night too.


It glitched bad starting at the shock bridge, restarted, then the lightning spinning room, restarted then again right after the aoe battle.  I ended up going in the room and all I could see in the room was players weapons (kind of) and the shadows of the boxes.... nothing else... I ended up following the weapons, and jumped on boxes, auto-attacking nearest enemy... and managed to survive.  Luckily the group was understanding.  That was the only massive glitch that took out textures and UI.  It was the only fractal I had issues with.


Trin fight went as normal.  But I have seen mass crashes (myself included), right after open world boss fights.


RTX with nVidia drivers from a few months ago.  Guildee has same issue in fractal using newest drivers and similar setup.

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