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Ranger Main look for Guild - Moderately Active (Looking to a little bit of everything)


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Welcome back Valciar! If you need any help re-adjusting to that little bit of everything we have some pretty helpful folks in our guild. We do have a requirement of being aged 30+ to join. The majority of the guild will happily jump in to help with anything from achievements to dungeons, and some others ever help with fractals, strikes, and raids. If you think you'd be a good fit, give us a shout 😉 ---> Tyrs Paladium

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Refuge of the Divine [DIVA] want to welcome you back to Tyria! We are a LGBTQ+ guild (allies always welcome) looking for players, new and old, who are seeking a close knit guild. Active in all parts of the game, attendance in discord is required for events however a mic is not. 18+ only. We really want people to get to know the crew we currently have and those that we find along the way! We also have a lot of outside game activities. Other game guild night, movie night with the guild (we stream over discord) and more. If you're interested please feel free to add me and shoot a whisper with any questions or if you would like an invite!

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