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Could the real warpblade please stand up


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Inspired by a Thief that very successfully chased my Power Deadeye build and held a Camp for a few minutes waiting for the Invicible NPC to give up and take damage, I propose a build that takes the two things people hate about fighting a thief and lean really heavily on that.

Build Editor - Gw2Skills.Net

The build that killed me was far more condition focused, leaning on D/D 3 to upkeep more evasion to proc the healing, but since I never got to ask them how it worked I got to work brewing something that seemed to follow a similar approach, but with the sword; since it's been ages since I had a build that used it.

The point of the build is to try and get in the face of players (cause short duration stealth has no affect on NPC AI) and pressure them with constant movement. 

The build tries to maintain sustain with heal on evade and heal on teleport, two things we have in great supply. And using boon strip on Steal and Interrupt we can stop opponents from having much control over the direction of combat.

Something thieves are hated for is resetting out of combat and coming back fresh. Well did you know that this build can heal almost it's entire 11k health with a single withdraw, 1 second delay and Infiltrator's Strike. Making it look like you did that instead?

The main weakness in the build is that I'm a returning player so I might be out of the loop on ways a playstyle like this could be done better. 

So I implore my fellow thieves to see if our combined knowledge can give us a new thief archtype: The everywhere man! Anyone within 600 range is someone they could be flanking.


I'm also asking the forum cause I've got a while set of armor without stats picked so as soon as we find a good set for this I'm going all in.

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I love this build. I never thought about using sword to inflict so many conditions. 

Only adjustments I would make is to change uncatchable to thrill of the crime for added swiftness and change merciful ambush to hidden thief. 

Stealing grants stealth, which gives more poison, and provides boons. And hidden theif reduces recharge on blinding powder which is your stun break. 

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Well if you don't want to bend the condition generating traits too hard here's another set, with completely different armor and a focus exclusively on power.
I also think there's a way to use this to make a support build that can drop a lot of healing if you swap the Rune to Monk and swap acrobatics for Trickery to get boons on steal.

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