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festival Clocktower jp broken now.

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after amazing timing fix its about impossible to complete jp as intended.

jump at 2nd rotation, right after clock in broken.
- A lot peoples got teleported to beginning.
- I done this 1st try yesterday, but failed 10 times in row today. Done this kitten 100 times last year, so i know how it works.

jump right before clock break.
- you get inside, but without chest, daily achi, etc.


and about matchmaking here (and everywhere). i hate it. always getting maps with 10sec left, so wasting time for searching new. You can easily close maps for new people when less 3min.

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Several platforms and things on the way up are indeed very very glitchy but I have not noticed any problems with the final jump.
In previous years, a lot of people (with newer faster computers or better Internet maybe?) would be jumping a long time before the window cracked for me and apparently getting to the chest.
This year that last jump seems much smoother and more reliable to complete (not had any problems with it yet) - could be DX11 makes it smoother maybe.

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