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Catalyst Mechanic: A Discussion


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Good morning. I want this to be brief, but concise. I feel like the Catalyst sphere mechanic is clunky and difficult to use. I have a suggestion, but I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, so I'll keep it brief like I said.


Merge the Hammer 3 skills and the sphere into ONE ability. This would be the core of the Catalyst. You can cast the sphere initially like your Hammer 3 skill with no cost and it would orbit around you providing an effect for 30 seconds. Attacking foes will CHARGE the sphere, empowering you to cast it on the ground. The functionality would remain the same in this state, however, you could recall the sphere by pressing the ability again, returning it back to the orbiting state. Thoughts?

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56 minutes ago, Gibson.4036 said:

That shoehorns Catalyst into only using hammer, though.

Good morning. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I’m suggesting they remove Hammer 3 skills entirely and replace them with something else.

All features would function from the SINGLE sphere ability: Activation (Orbit), Build Energy (During Combat), Deploy Sphere (Ground Target), Recall (Return to Orbit). 

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