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  1. Completely different uses. Gryphon, you need to get up high and then you can cover distances quickly. Skyscale gets you up and over terrain, which moves you faster than if you have to go around terrain, but it doesn't cover ground quickly. I use them together quite often. Skyscale to get altitude, leap of faith dismount into Gryphon to zoom across a map. Skyscale is very much a game changer in just how simple it is to navigate difficult landscapes. You asked about fun though. Skyscale, to me, is a ton of fun. Feels epic to just mount up into the sky and then settle down somewher
  2. To note, you don't necessarily have to switch over your entire gear set. You can switch your armor to marauder, and keep berserker weapons/trinkets and have a nice middle ground between survivability and damage.
  3. That makes a lot of sense! If they really are able to, then, get mixes that really are that close from team to team, then it actually improves the lot of low-frequency players and newcomers. The minimal players will be mixed in to balance some of the maximal players, and there will be better cross-polination, so to speak, than what we have right now, where all serious player gravitate toward the serious servers with transfers. That sounds pretty exciting. It does make me wonder what the max population of a given team is. How many alliances+randoms will fit into anyone team. In order
  4. I'm confused then. From Josh's post: It looks to me like the plan is to take the most active guilds and individual players and put them in a world together, then the next slice of activity, on down to the least active. Or is it the complete opposite, and they're mixing very active with least active to make every single world really close to the same average activity among all players on any given world? It definitely doesn't look like solo players are randomly assigned. They're part of the metric calculation. And my apologies if I'm being obtuse about this system. I keep
  5. To be fair, a good amount of two handed sword skins do look like cricket bats.
  6. Yeah. Although I'd expect it's going to be much more unlikely to find an experience leader once the experienced players are matched and the casual players are lumped together. Maybe I'm wrong on that. But, I realized my whole post here was a tangent that had nothing to do with the OP not wanting to give up a personal guild for a WvW guild, so I went back and deleted it. Sorry for the bunny trail.
  7. I just started playing WvW last week. I played enough in one week to complete silver skirmish and get my warclaw. I'm playing a handful of hours this week as well. It sounds like the matchmaking metric is largely on hours played, though I haven't seen an indication of whether that means lifetime or over a period prior to the season, or a mix of both. My time so far, as a non-guild newbie has been heavily reliant on following around players (both big groups and small havoc groups) and learning from them as I stumble along. In the future, with my week and a half played in the prior sea
  8. You only need tier three in the return achievements to get the currencies, which are the most grindy part of skyscale. You should be able to get tier three without doing any meta events or zone bosses. Do the gathering, the story instances, adventures, hearts, random events. It doesn’t take playing at prime time unless you want to do full completion for the amulet.
  9. There's a mesmer specific portion of the forums. Also, pretty much every thread here could be titled, "ANet please listen." It'd be kind to name it "Suggested Mesmer Changes" or something that lets people have an idea of the contents.
  10. It's nice to have Adroit Evasion for getting through areas where there are a lot of ranged mobs.
  11. And that is why, though I think the price is outrageous, I’m content with shrugging my shoulders and continuing on playing. People who can toss $25 away for a glowy mount are keeping me from having to pay a sub. More power to ‘em.
  12. I'll just add that you don't have an MMO if you don't have a lot of players. The people who don't put in a ton of cash still make the game what it is for the people who do. So it's not only about getting people in the door to spend more money, it's also about filling out a population to create a community for those who do spend money.
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