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  1. Thankfully there is a wide variety of social play in this game, from RP, to goofing around in cities, to working by other people in the open world, to metas and WvW, to instanced group content. There's a full spectrum between "single player MMO" and "group for an instance".
  2. Wouldn't increased rewards just cause people to run their tags all the time? With lots of people tagged on a map, no intention to lead, it'd make the tag meaningless.
  3. Hopefully the cape's not that heavy. 🤣
  4. As someone currently working on Aurora, I did wonder if I should pause for a week in case I could double dip.
  5. That's cool that it is meaninful to some! I hadn't realized.
  6. Surely there must be a way to adjust those two bosses than impact the rest of the 99% of the game for Mirage.
  7. The answer is finding the sweet spot where players have some choice over how to pursue the rewards, but that still nudge them into exploration and stretching. I think the return events did this well. Some players got to choose to do a strike and ignore the JP in the zone, some got to do the reverse. No one got to just sit doing one kind of content, though, to the exclusion of all others.
  8. I've been playing my poor Mirage as much as possible before next Tuesday. Then she'll have to decide if she hangs up her Axe and submits to ArenaNet's desire that she become a pink dagger not-Mesmer.
  9. All the legendary armor in the game can't get me a Revive Orb and a Black Lion Statuette!
  10. Well, according to Mukluk, Steam release has almost doubled other MMOs population. It's kinda like holding a big birthday, and inviting everyone on your social media lists. Whether you are excited about how many people might show up to celebrate or dreading that it will mostly be your annoying coworkers and in-laws probably says more about you than anything.
  11. For the Cobble Ward heart, you'd have to follow someone around, wait until they tail spin a tower, then fight the Jade Brotherhood that appear to get progress? Or is there something else not listed on the wiki? The heart is so heavily focused on the steam canisters, I would have said the only ways to progress it are delivering them, and running through the drones on the raptor, in spite of doing that heart several times.
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