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J-Drive And Overclock Signet


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J-Drive - Signet Effectiveness Increased: 20%

Overclock Signet - Recharge Reduced: 20%


If you take the J-Drive trait then the signet passive should theoretically become 40% right? If that is the case then our signets could be spammable considering we have alacrity as well.

I wish they showed this on the stream.

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I think that the Overclock Signet is the only one that does recharge reduction, to 20%.

The J-Drive increases effectiveness, which I assume means stuff like increasing the amount of barrier from [Barrier Signet] or increasing the power bonus from [Force Signet].

EDIT: Ah, I misread at first, I thought you were saying that you thought both dealt with recharge reduction, but then I see that you were talking about the one increasing the effectiveness of the reduction the other one provided. Ignore me.

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Explained above
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