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Durability Rune


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Heya lads/lass


Just wanted to clarify things for myself as I have recently returned to the game and was going over GW2 build editor and current in-game build for my FB.


My set up is basic general support FB for the current WvW meta. Full Minstrel with Durability Runes. I have noted that in the GW2 build editor with Durability Runes the HP is 21750 (no vitality infusions anywhere) and (no WvW buffs), as well as the build being switched for WvW option on the build editor. In-game however my build being an exact copy of what it is on the build editor, the HP is 20103 (with vitality infusions instead, only on the armor set) in a WvW setting. 


My question(s) is as follows. Is there a reason why the HP is different? Why is it higher on the build editor while in-game it is less? In-game I have also tried to boost it up slightly with vitality infusion on the armor set. Is it a bug or is it something that Anet has fixed/changed and the build editor is not updated as what it is in-game?


Hope this is fairly clear and would appreciate some kind of clarification. 


Thanks team.

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