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Chat panel tabs ignoring settings

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This is a problem I encountered for a long time, and lately is really starting to bug me.

We have the ability to split our messages in seperate panels, so we can keep our combat, Squad, Whisper, Guild Messages etc seperate from each other.

However some messages are displayed in ALL tabs. Regardless of settings. Which in some cases mean the system itself, the game itself floods you with so much spam, that the actualy intention of said tab is rendered completely useless

In my guild, whisper and party/squad tab, I do not want to see that "Red Rock Bastion is taken by the pact" It is NOT relevant for those tabs.

When being in Silverwastes for a longer period of time, these messages are flooding these tabs in such manner that it pushes out the messages that I intended to quickly be able to get to with these tabs.


But... it gets worse... MUCH worse... Today I was fighting a champion in Bjora marches... and boy did I get spammed... 

Check this, and this bleeds across all 4 tabs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1epv7a25E13oeWmCge1U2HQmhtPTHlwlk/view?usp=sharing

What makes this message so important that it has to flood out all my other chat messages completely? Why is this message even displaying while I clearly have set these tabs to show ONLY related chat (In example of screenshot: squad and party message ONLY)?

I post this as bug, because I very much doubt that this is intended behavior.

Please take a look at this and fix it. These are in my oppinion either Game or Combat messages, which are both ticket off and even to prevent any mistake every single item in those 2 subcategories are ticked off. As I said before only Party and Squad are actually checked.

Look at the time stamps, and the sheer amount of messages it posted in all 4 tabs in rapid succession: This is borderline spamming

Please fix this. 

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