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Permanent Might

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There is a new bug in the game that makes might permanent until death (or stripped?). It does not apply to all might stacks but occasionally one or even multiple stacks seem to persist after the intended duration ran out. I don't know what causes the bug. But it happened to me while playing on core ranger and soulbeast in PvP and WvW (after testing Untamed in PvP - coincidence?) and i have also seen (few) players on other classes with perma might stacks. At some point i was running arround with perma 25 stacks of might after a while of fighting. Does not seem to be a visual bug either, stats are increased accordingly and dmg output seems to match (tho i haven't done actual testing).


Edit: Apparently the might stacks are generated by mechanist and i must have stolen them with absorbtion sigil.

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