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Sooo......Action Camera & Specter


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Action camera + Specter

New Action camera suggestion that focuses on ease of use with Specter in mind.

While action camera is toggled, by default should only Target enemies, and never allies.

I ran into issues after toggling through allies by button input , just for the action camera center point to take priority and change target when trying to heal that ally.

A feature should be added that you can only target an ally with the keybound options (Target next ally/closest ally etc) when in action camera mode. While an ally is targeted, action camera should Never switch targets. Untarget your ally to resume normal default action camera that only targets enemies.

Any other ideas are welcome. list them below.

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I commented some on busted AC targeting in the main feedback thread, but as a wider topic I think AC targeting needs to be revisited.  It's pretty clear the game is not being designed with it in mind, leading to a lot of rough edges, bugs and unintuitive behaviors.

Like, let's take an example of two side-by-side allies that I want to hit with Scepter 1.  I can place my reticle on either and hold left-click to use Skill 1 on them.  This works intuitively and lets me go back and forth between them easily, so long as my targeting is on point.  Now, if I right-click ally 1 to promote them to a hard target but place my reticle over ally 2, the projectiles will fly at ally 2 and pass through them with no effect.

This wonky targeting is pervasive through out the whole game.  Scepter skills are just some of the more egregious example.  Plenty of more minor annoyances exist, such as melee in general.  You can have an enemy in front of you, hard targeted and being hit by your skills, but if your reticle doesn't stay right on them then your auto-attacks will stop.  So you have to crank the camera up super close, or stare at the ground to keep them centered.  When some targets like Shadow Behemoth enter the equation, you might as well just turn AC off.

Personally, I'd like to see skills behave like Tab Cam if you have a target hard selected.  Like in my Scepter 1 example above, targeting ally 1 should send the bolts at ally 1, not at my cursor where ally 2 is.  By promoting a target to full selection and keeping them in my general forward vision cone, that should be good enough to tell the game "I want to hit that specifically".  Especially if it's not going to let me soft-target anything else anyways.  I'll deselect the target if I want to go back to precision targeting.

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52 minutes ago, kash.9213 said:

I toggle between default and action camera a lot. I target allies a lot in action cameras. Your suggesting would add like 3 or 4 extra steps I don't want to take when I scan an area.


My suggestion could be a setting in the menu.


You haven't encountered issues where action camera hit an enemy with specter instead of an ally? or vise versa?

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24 minutes ago, MatyrGustav.6210 said:


My suggestion could be a setting in the menu.


You haven't encountered issues where action camera hit an enemy with specter instead of an ally? or vise versa?

If it was in the menu as an option that would great, even if I wouldn't use, some people would. It needs to remain the same as it now as default though. 

I don't run into that, I don't click down unless I know what I have, plus I pan camera for the overhead angle I need when I'm in radius for it. 

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