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Band-Aid "Solution" for lack of basic pet controls on Untamed


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Assign a key to "Ranger Pet Combat Toggle" found under the Miscellaneous section of control options. Setting the pet to "Avoid Combat" will basically function like "Return". In "Guard" mode it will attack as soon any skill (including autoattack) is used against a targeted enemy (don't have to actually hit). If you want the pet to attack a different enemy than you are attacking, you still have to use a pet skill. The toggle can be used to sic the pet on your own target again. Not optimal, but better than not having the ability to call the pet back at all or clicking the UI.


Assigning/changing the toggle keybind while on Untamed might bug out your pet controls (it did that for me) - if that happens, restart the game, that should fix it. Relogging does not work.

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