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Facing issue while buying gems.... says, "Payment declined by financial institution"

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I had purchased gems before as late as 15 Nov 2021 which had been successful. But when I'm trying to buy the gems now, its suddenly giving me an error saying, "Payment declined by financial institution".  I had raised a ticket about this and they told me the problem was from Paypal's side. I contacted both my bank and paypal and they showed me that they had not blocked any transactions and the issue was not from their end since my previous purchases to same merchant was successful. Due to this I changed my bank and the new bank too has the same issue. To the reply for the ticket, they gave me a disappointing solution to use a credit card rather than solving this. Is anyone else facing this issue??? If so, how did you solve it???? And this has started with arenanet changing its payment merchant recently!

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i had somewhat similar issue. Tried to add new card as a payment option, and got error 100415. Support told me that my bank blocked my purchase attempts, so ive contacted my bank and vuala, after a week or so indeed im now able to buy gems again. 

Funny thing is that my bank uses 2FA to confim every payment with encrypted app on my phone, its part of 3Dsecure technology so i suspect this was part of the problem, because i could buy gems with Revolut and i think, they dont use it. 

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