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  1. For PVE and WVW, Firebrand is a safe bet for the foreseeable future, followed by engineer (mechanist mainly but also scrapper for WVW). Banner warrior isn't a particular strong archetype anymore since unique buffs were outright removed. In addition, nobody knows how rifle changes will pan out so power warrior is relegated to power berserker and bladesworn which both do the most damage in melee. If you aren't looking at instanced content or WVW none of the balance discussions will really concern you though ; in PVP you don't need to level your character. Any living story content or even n
  2. I think the sad part is players have devolved into using mechanist so most people that aren't engineer mains are going to play that over holo even if both are similar in performance. Mechanist is simply easier and that is what drew many pet spec lovers that were playing rangers. It's essentially autopilot given changes since EOD launch. Holo is the opposite in that you have a far smaller margin of error due to overheat as well as the damage bonus based on heat. The initial iteration of mechanist people complained about is not nearly as bad as what it is now. That's more of side effect of ne
  3. Yep I was amazed at the lack of insight on their part with respect to staff on mirage. Warlock is a DPS loss and so is chaos armor and chaos storm most of the time.
  4. Druid isn't looking good. No changes to astral force generation in PVP/WVW. No pet stow ; loss of spirits' unique buffs in PVE.
  5. Patch missed the mark with weaver I think. If it were up to me then water on sword would be doing power damage on par with earth attunement (sans the condi) which is also a defensive attunement. Weaver realistically is a DPS especially while using sword so the weapon ought to reflect that. It will be interesting to see what happens with respect to the aegis addition, but "Aftershock" is incredibly overloaded as a skill. The staff changes seem to be poorly thought out since addition of burning to fireball for example means it shouldn't get that large a power boost compared to chain
  6. CoR has been unreliable for a while now in WVW. It's the main thing holding it back in PVE as well.
  7. Why are there still 300s cooldowns more than 2 years later in PvP / WVW? Unless there's going to be massive swaths of underwater content, this should have been the top priority. Why is Firebrand (Mantra of Liberation) elite mantra's stability being nerfed in WVW as well? As far as I am aware the tempest stability addition is PVE only so there's simply less stability overall available. With less firebrand stability you're ultimately looking at defense field on scrappers , mantra of concentration on chronos, and inspiring reinforcement on heralds. Why is PvE staff mirage bei
  8. They're not going to implement discord integration beyond adding a way to add the link easier with a popup (squad message works for this). Discord already has an overlay so there is no reason for them to invest development time into that. In addition, if anything happens in the discord that is against TOS it cannot be proven which opens up another problem which is why it must be opt-in. Arenanet would need to make a discord and police it as well which means a massive developer investment. That's essentially the same reason Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Mumble integration never existed. Instead of that
  9. https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1025345/Good-Design-Makes-Happy-Customers Watch this and understand the devs' thinking. Lootboxes are implemented with black lion statuettes for this reason.
  10. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/109371-an-update-on-end-of-dragons-map-population/ Map cap was adjusted but may still be low outside of meta time. For Dragon's End however, that ultimately comes to failure rate.
  11. I'd be happy if they just fix the LFG to have role flags and also allow you to change the description instead of the suppressed meme. You can't even PM the squad leader without adding them or blocking them which is also bad (or obsolete) design.
  12. https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1025345/Good-Design-Makes-Happy-Customers GDC presentation by Arenanet dev. See in particular slides: Full presentation: https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1025146/Good-Design-Makes-Happy-Customers
  13. The "bug" would be if you are map traveling between WVW maps. As far as I know the scoring/rewards server is not the same as map server that is why this occurs. (I use the term server loosely as it is all on Amazon EC2 instances.) There's a small delay so if you are desynced from the map server due to changing maps it is a problem. It isn't a bug if you aren't in WVW after the tick happens. Ultimately it is down to Arenanet to fix this issue. See https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024442/-Guild-Wars-Microservices-and
  14. You need 3+ participation and have stayed for one tick (5 min+).
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