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  1. Core engi is only used for condi really so it could apply burning or some other condition damage plus soft CC. Having it apply burning (and blind or cripple/ bleeding?) would be thematic and also not make it as spikey as a power damage skill. Ideally you would want something less "RNG" than relying on Shrapnel , Aim Assisted Rocket , or Incendiary Powder traits. Instead of the blast it could count as an explosion.
  2. Plenty after May 11 patch. It's not a poor weapon for dealing damage or buffing if you've been paying attention or testing it.
  3. While Thunderclap stuns, the first pulse does no damage. That said , skills with an obvious tell such as warrior hammer skills (not so much the burst) with obvious animations should get damage restored especially if on a long cooldown.
  4. If this weeklong event doesn't show you why balancing based on kills is meaningless I don't know what will. Kills are already factored into Emblems and the Ultimate Dominator title plus they give WXP. War score is only awarded from finishers. This suggestion would just mean even more minstrel blobbing with full tank builds. Delivering on alliances and making GvG in Armistice Bastion / EotM a community event would be more effective. If you just want more rewards for kills then instead of liquid rewards there should accountbound ingredients for meta food which isn't reall
  5. Today I learned someone using a combo field is considered an exploit by some people... From experience I can tell you people with no experience playing staff mirage can definitely pull high numbers on SH (25K+). ---- If NICENIKESHOE's statement that if you use 3 or 5 on staff it will lead to DPS loss (likely) it makes the 1 spamming even worse. Peak gameplay should not consist of spamming 1, in my opinion. In the past , Arenanet expressed that melee range damage should be more than ranged damage (see scepter auto nerf on guardian) ; this would be analogous to someo
  6. Well you probably shouldn't have been playing ranger in WvW anyway. In PvP it has much of the same weaknesses but because people can't go full tank with minstrel or trailblazer gear you are more likely to be able to outsustain (Wilderness Survival traitline mainly) , out rotate, or burst them (Sic Em type builds). Ranger still lacks boon rip so any build with heavy amounts of defensive boons can be a problem (aegis, protection, stability, magnetic aura if you run mainhand axe , shortbow, or longbow). While soulbeast should probably have One Wolf Pack cooldown restored in PvE , it's mo
  7. Except this is the UI/UX we're talking about.
  8. As I posted in the balance patch preview, I think that the ability to drop Berserk mode manually is a good first step. Most transforms are able to do this, whether it is Reaper Shroud, Death Shroud, Celestial Avatar, Beast merging in Soulbeast, Tornado/Rampage/Lich Form, Photon Forge, etc. If you cancel Celestial Avatar early you lose Astral Force , so I think losing all adrenaline or something similar to that is a possible "weak drawback" to ending it early while a more penalizing drawback would be to temporarily disable rage skills for a number of seconds for example. Skills that do
  9. Simple answer is some people only play one class and are super dramatic about every little nerf because they don't have any real perspective. They literally just skip every classes' patch-notes until they reach the class they play. I've even seen people post "why are these skills nerfed by 40%" in the Feb 2020 patch note when it is across the board.
  10. Are you aware it is WvW bonus week? That bronze rank DH using a longbow is probably full berserker or marauder with full on PvE build.
  11. The question is does every spec need to be successful in every mode? If the answer is yes then berserker spec should probably get a way to drop out of Berserk mode manually at a cost (lose all adrenaline, lock rage skills temporarily similar to overheat, or otherwise). Head Butt could probably not self-stun. Overall a berserker warrior with Eternal Champion should at least be as much of a threat as a non-spellbreaker core warrior. (Because even tactics has damage modifiers, the 15% Berserk mode bonus on Bloody Roar isn't that large an attraction ; the minor bit of quickness and attack speed
  12. If they're balancing around PVE then Purity of Purpose would only convert to might, fury, quickness, and alacrity...
  13. Good joke. Giving mirages alacrity was a poor design already , giving them quickness will basically invalidate chronomancer completely. If it were up to me I would have made the Lost Time trait give alacrity (so you can pick quickness or alacrity and not both) instead of this 1 spam mirage gameplay.
  14. It's fine if it has DPS, but you're talking about a build that is inherently lower risk (ranged) with DPS on par with the older melee axe builds that also puts out permanent alacrity. I don't think it will last very long in this state, either required boon duration will go up (such that you either run high boon duration or two of them per squad) or the damage will be cut.
  15. It's 2 dodges in PVE, which is what the changes were oriented to. That said, I fully expect staff mirage's DPS or alacrity boon duration to be nerfed. In the past Arenanet stated they want melee range damage to exceed that of higher ranged ones and right now it is on par or exceeding mirage axe. ---- That said , I'm not sure why scrapper was given quickness since it just breaks it in WvW while being not as good as firebrand in PVE. The latest benchmarks have StM chrono at ~18K so it's effectively dead for the majority of the playerbase because it takes far more effort than spamming man
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