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  1. The problem is actually consistency not DPS. Weaver and tempest both struggle with consistency due to hitbox size and boon reliance. Weaver actually has a 39K condi scepter build but due to the toughness issue and the lack of condi centric fights outside raiding and fractals with exposed breakbar it isn't as attractive. Tempest, if it hit lightning orb and overload air reliably would be taken on pretty much every power fight because rebound is a small DPS loss for group invuln. For example take a look at : VG which is power favored due to toughness https://gw2wingman.nevermindc
  2. Did you use different weapons? Hammer isn't great in competitive modes due to the damage cuts between modes I think unless you are running air or something else to give you mobility. Solemn has an impression video up on YT in WVW roaming on hammer and honestly I think core dagger+dagger would be better...
  3. If they did that then all autoattack coefficients would need to be swapped between attunements and the whole point of Catalyst would be negated as it is supposed to be fairly robust on hammer. To make it robust on hammer again it would need water to provide vulnerability (rather than chill) and air to spam added weakness on hurricane of pain instead of vulnerability. Currently water and earth have higher target caps and water has the highest autoattack damage which is unusual. Water also has a gap closer instead of a gap creator (see air) which means the attunement overall is intended as melee
  4. Because there isn't weapon swap it's fine to have 2 melee attunements which are more bunker (water/earth). 900 range would be helpful for fire attunement (which is burning focused) but air attunement is supposed to be high power damage. When I was calculating coefficients yesterday, Hurricane of Pain was 2.42 in competitive and 4.62 in PVE with 10s cooldown. It doesn't have a major drawback to it other than the channel time and three target cap, there's no self root. You can run fire + earth traitlines for condi or water+arcane or water+air for power DPS. I would rather see bleeding
  5. You can play it in openworld and raids as well.
  6. @ Lord of the Fire, the reason the original post suggested invuln to Siax/Skorvald is probably trap prestacking. There is no other rationale. Also someone in discretize was banned for out of bound skip, so the only skips that are legit are the ones that use leaps / blink (think jump puzzles) and the wurm skip on Aetherblade which still requires pathing.
  7. None of them are suitable as a quickness or alacrity provider. You can just play around in T1 for a feel of the DPS rotation.
  8. I had stacks of agony infusions in bank. You can also use the fractal vendor.
  9. We have EU server people in the NA wiki guild. One of the wiki admins has both his NA and EU account in the NA wiki guild.
  10. From some testing yesterday it seems as though it is more of an openworld spec (5 target cleave does that). Fully buffed you can get 23-25K autoattacks with Impossible Odds or Vengeful Hammers and there's Battle Scars synergy on Greatsword due to vulnerability. If you try to use it in PVP/WVW I've noticed the reliability on the new legend is quite poor due to flip skills. I think it would be better if you were able to control which skill is default but I haven't quite looked in depth on that aspect. What I noticed with the new legend is the elite (urn of saint victor) is more or less suic
  11. One of the crash logs (the one named Arenanet in \User\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2) I have with DX11 has the line 6Z Couldn't find projectile effect for skill 'BcXVe.fT0yG' and 16:07:00Z More than one view in the "ui_LoadingInfo" addon have the id ""; ids must be unique. Similarly some more projectile effects are "missing" and perhaps a reference that is not possible *--> Crash <--* Assertion: vertexCount == dynasetIb.vertexCountUsed File: D:\Perforce\Live\NAEU\v2\Code\Arena\Engine\Gr\Bgfx\BgfxBuffer.cpp(1443) The system does not have
  12. Is there any way to have a tally of who has your guild checked off for the alliances purposes? Even if just for the leadership (i.e. officers/leaders of the guild) it would be helpful. Not asking for much more than that, ideally you would have some sort of activity level estimate if you have half the people show up only for WvW dailies.
  13. I have a question for you , how many emblems do you get in a day of WVW? For many hardcore WvW players it's multiple. There would need to be a weekly or daily cap and your idea is by no means new. A better use would probably be emblems to mystic clovers since those do not generate gold , they merely offset gold costs.
  14. First impression is the F5 is extremely clunky if you want it to function as boon support. Hammer overall has some decent coefficients, I looked at the damage both in PVE and WVW for the melee range ones as well as the AOEs. Earth could probably hae bleeding added to hammer auto as a chain or something just for more bleeds. The Grand Finale needs more of a payoff besides mediocre damage ; Crescent Winds would probably be better as a ferocity bonus instead of a temporary critical chance. The attractiveness of hammer is going to be for many targets in melee since it cleaves 5 targets on earth
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