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  1. I have no confidence in alliances coming. The guildhall changes are probably to satiate the part of the playerbase that is more interested in GvG than WvW. What is equally alarming is the lack of any form of action as far as nonprogramming aspects of alliances, such as increased funding via WvW specific cosmetic updates (whether it is new warclaw skins, introduction of siege skins ala Wintersday, etc). If they are consistently behind schedule there needs to be more funding to bring more team members (temporary or otherwise) or outside help. Alliances is no small programming endeavor since it involves so many things unlike quests and any form of PvE/PvP content which can be copy pasted either from old code or other games systems.
  2. This is an old suggestion and frankly I do not feel they care about the reward track enough. I do support the idea of putting other options such as plastic fangs, nougat center, etc. Perhaps some people would complain that they cannot see the Halloween pail at the end of the reward track, I have no idea why they would not implement this. In the past we had suggestions of refunds on Halloween Pail in WvW or something akin to that where you can trade in a Halloween Pail for a candy corn cob (since Halloween Pail costs 3 candy corn cob nobody would do this outside of WvW players or people not using the pails).
  3. Reward track still has a halloween pail at the end, which means it is useless for most WvW players at this point. From a pure economic standpoint, the whole reward track is abut 12 gold (or whatever 311 Trick or Treat Bags are worth) per the wiki as of today. The ability to choose a candy corn cob (or just candy corn), High Quality Plastic Fangs, Gibbering Skull, Tyria's Best Nougat Center, or something other than a Halloween pail would be a good start. I do not think Tattered Bat Wings would be part of an altered drop table since it would make Ascent to Madness irrelevant. The valuation on SotO reward track, Wintersday reward track and EoD reward track are around 13 to 16 gold with conversions. If Arenanet were to spend more effort I am sure they could implement more things (see Wintersday siege proectiles), but that is a bare minimum effort that has not been used (anything that does not involve a straight up code replacement would count as effort, whether it is putting new NPCs or whatnot). The only other thing I can think of is a refund of 1 candy corn cob for a Halloween Pail which costs 3 candy corn cobs or a way to upgrade them to 28 or 32 slots. If you mean aesthetically the easiest thing for them to do would be to reskin the keep and tower lords as well as the SMC lord since it would be a direct code replacement rather than a new NPC.
  4. Anyone else feel 5 memories of battle is very low? For some reason SMC cap provides 20 of them but the majority of objectives provide 5. There are 20 additional ones in the meta achievement as well, I am talking about the ones that have objectives such as: 100 enemy kills <--- 8 camp caps 12 yak kills 10 sentries 30 guard kills 6 towers <--- 3 keeps (equivalent to a weekly achievement) <--- mainly this Also instead of astral acclaim I would have liked to see lockbox keys in the meta achievement, but that is a separate matter.
  5. There are rewards without limits so even if you deem it not worth it, I do not feel this is a worthwhile complaint.
  6. If you are limited on time I would get the skins and the emote first unless you plan on map completing Tyria again. The legendary kit is a trap if you are a newer player or a veteran player with legendaries in the box already. The same goes for the 1000 AA just to increase gold drops by 1%, unless you play a massive amount of hours that 900 or more gold is obtained in a month from gold drops you are better off getting the 1 gold for 6 AA or mystic coins for 9 AA. That means 1000 AA for Enchanted Griffon skin , requires SotO 250 AA for Bless emote 1125 AA (375 AA each) for Sanctified Boot, Gloves, Shoulder Skins , requires SotO 2400 AA (16 of 150AA each) Sanctified weapon skins , requires SotO Extras 850 AA (two of 425 AA) Build templates if you need them 35 AA per upgrade extractor if you need them 10 AA for Laurels if you need them, up to 150 of them Check the wiki for the full list: Astral Acclaim - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  7. The only FOMO in my opinion is if you did not buy the latest expansion, which means essentially the entire special tab is unavailable. This makes it far less likely for you to obtain the timegated items and skins. A fully completed weekly is 450 astral acclaim yet the SotO special objectives range from 250 to 500.
  8. Chrono mesmer with a sword is one of the most contributing specs (boon rips, veil, portal, pulls). It seems to me you just need to find people that you can get along with and just cap and defend things. That is the point of WvW, not fighting out in the middle of nowhere. If the idea of any enemy player interaction abhors you then you might opt for virtuoso or mirage instead and just cap undefended structures with likeminded PvE players in WvW for whatever reason, but that is extremely boring.
  9. Wall running should have been addressed before implementing such a change, but this is Arenanet we are talking about which always messes up WvW rewards. Even after adjustment, most of the weekly vendor stuff is triple gated behind tickets , resources (memories of battle/proofs/etc), and a weekly cap. The best overall implementation of recent note was the badges of honor to lockbox keys , ascended foods for emblems with badges, and the infusions for emblems. Reference: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dugan We still have the insanity of 20 tickets for a mystic clover, 100 tickets for 25 memories of battle (lol), and 15 tickets for guild siege.
  10. I hope this is a joke post. We should be getting +10% vs <50% health targets instead. They took it away from Eagle rune and Infiltrator rune.
  11. Complete the Obsidian Sanctum Jumping Puzzle in the Obsidian Sanctum Map Is the biggest joke ever. Anyway, I think the reward track change makes actual WvW players better rewarded. It is probably the way to address people not interested in WvW stacking daily potions to instantly finish their reward tracks.
  12. Desert BL was a disaster because the laser event was a major lagfest and before warclaw existed. The backlash of that lagfest along with the environment walls everywhere led to a complete revamp of the map to add ramps , the bird shortcut, hay bales, and such. Adding outnumbered buffs is not going to help anything really. When morale is low, even if PvE-level rewards were given out people would just go PvE: people hate being wiped.
  13. Rev (in WvW and PvE), necro (in PvE and to lesser extent WvW), and ranger (in WvW/PvE). Condi herald can use shortbow in PvE, power herald can use greatsword (especially relevant in WvW since it cleaves 5), power alacrity renegade can use greatsword in PvE. Ranger gained use of hammer on soulbeast making it more relevant in WvW. In PvE all condition builds gained access to mainhand dagger while all power builds gained access to hammer. Necro gained pistol on scourge which is a huge source of torment and additional CC , harbinger gained torch, power WvW scourge gained greatsword, while core necro gained greatsword for any power builds. Honorable mention goes to the new PvE boon chrono with fully ranged weapons (dagger+GS).
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