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LS 2, The Dragon's Reach Part 2, World Summit chapter, needs better checkpointing for the achievements.


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There's an issue where the achievement that you can't hit by the orange circles is extremely hard to complete, because the attack hits at exactly the same moment that the circle appears. You have no forewarning that you need to dodge. (Edit: It's based on distance to dragon. The attacks closer to the dragon hit instantly because the orange circles aren't staggered like the attack themselves are.)

The timing of the chamber-wide stomp is also irregular, meaning that you can get caught between dodges or jumps with a timing that worked before.

It just an RNG fest, basically. This has forced me now to restart this chapter for the fifth or sixth time within seconds of the bossfight starting.

This mission wastes 10 minutes or so of endless waiting for NPC chatter. I am so utterly sick of it.

This mission needs to be split in two, one part with the procession and appellations in the chamber, and another mission with the bossfight itself, so that you can enter it directly for the achievement attempts.

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2 minutes ago, mythical.6315 said:

You’re lagging if that’s happening because you have a few seconds to react. The same goes for the room wide attack as the timing to dodge is the same every time. There’s really not all that much that is RNG about the fight. 

No, my ping sits at around 40 and doesn't jitter more than few ms, so that's not it. The timing you have to dodge for the circles depends on how far they are from the dragons, with the closer quarter hitting instantaneously. (The circles do not appear staggered, but the attacks themselves do stagger. They land instantly near the dragon, and take longer as they have further to travel.)


The slam is most certainly not even timing. If it's supposed to be, then it's a bug. Some slams you can dodge fine if you roll immediately after the orange appears, some you need to jump after the dodge (spam jump while dodging), and some you will get hit between the dodge and the jump. Once I had to jump twice after the dodge. Let me reiterate that unless the options menu is lying to me, my ping is stable.

Yes there is some minor variation in my reaction time of course, I'm only human - but not enough to make the difference of almost a second.

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