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Elite Cotract Killers [EcK] - The original Thief oriented PvX Guild

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Elite Contract Killers [EcK] is the original Thief oriented PvX Guild. We offer mentoring for various game modes and opportunities to engage in group content with other Thief players. Whether it be WvW, theorycrafting, PvE, Fractals and or Raids!

for more information and requirements see our discord @  https://discord.gg/ypepSSE- in order to join you must pm myself (DO NOT PM INORI, he just sets the discord up, thats all...he does NOT play) or pm another admin.

you must also verify @ https://discord.gg/5CHuqkK

and for those of you tight on time to read up on what we have in the info channel please see below:

  1. a warm welcome to the franchise. Just a heads up, we understand some of you may be learning the game still and we welcome that as well as offer to show you the game mechanics, regardless of class or if you are in the guild or not, but keep in mind we only train thieves that are our own. Also you can have 5 guilds max per account (this means all of your toons total can have 5 max of the same guilds) So hopefully you read the rest. Over 5 Years ago, under Varlen in WFD on Borlis Pass server, Lithril Ashwalker coordinated a 50 man permastealth squad in WvW in EBG. We managed to get from one end of the map to the other undetected and all that was seen was 1 red enemy smoke combo field. Imagine what you could do with a coordinated group of thieves. While we may not currently have the numbers for an all thief zerg, we will however take up "contract" with current coordinated zergs within communications to permastealth the group for a "Shadow Squad" with the current online thieves within the guild. Do not get discouraged with our current roster as we are still very useful with this Shadow Squad concept. We are here for coordinated fun.
    What we have accomplished so far given our current numbers in the guild:
    * Invented the Shadow Squad concept
    * Infiltrate SMC and destroy Siege
    * Scout and follow zerg for team recon
    * Gank small threats
    * Basic camp/tower flipping
    * Tower camping under enemy noses to reflip in our favor
    * Smuggle Siege Golems
    * Permanently Stealthed 10 people inside towers as well as Stone Mist Castle to flip when coast was clear
    * Organized A Permanently stealthed 50 non thief zerg over 5 years ago. (edited)
    * Mass stealthed the [DOC] guild for a successful zerg bust. TY GUCCI
    World first ALL thief dragonstorm (more planned)[this was mostly pugs] as well as other classes
    Our goals:
    *Gank squads Better
    *Build Creation
    *Working on Condition Comps
    *Zerg Busting Comps
    *More Recruits
    *Find a dedicated streamer/youtuber to advertise our guild and show our footage Intro Video for recruitment
    *Train the new players/thieves


    Do note we are starting up recruitment again and DO kick for 2 weeks+ inactivity unless told otherwise, anyone that becomes kicked from the guild from inactivity are fully welcome back given we are given a reason, anyone leaving without a statement as of "why" will be blacklisted. 
    EoD is around the corner and we are all very excited for the specter changes which will definitely open up more comp designs and areas normally struggled in the game to find groups for...
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