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Ranger Greatsword PvP Tooltips Bugged

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Counterattack Kick says it hits for base 1000+ damage with and without trait actual damage is 8-9 in sPvP.

Hilt bash shows correct 9 damage without great sword trait but then shows incorrect 400+ damage with trait in sPvP.


Should hopefully be easy fix, but could cause confusion especially with potential new players coming in with EoD.


Also my newer ranger made around the EoD betas still has bugged ranger pets, aka I cannot name them, if I try to and zone or change instances switches back to default, while a minor bug it is incredibly infuriating, my ranger I had since pre HOT is not bugged this way however. I reported that bug around the most recent EoD beta event still has yet to be resolved(2-3 months ago)

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