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Adapting Spellbreaker to the current days


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I'm not gonna try to make a "bible" about an overcomplicated change suggest, just easy to develop changes to polish the spellbreaker:

Core(of the class)/Base(of the spec) aspects:
-Baseline signet of rage passive.
-Shake it off to 60s count recharge instead of 75, 75s is way too long, while classes with really short CD stunbreaks like ranger exist.
-Frenzy on 40s CD instead of 45, it's similar to Quickening Zephyr, but have a longer CD, seems like 1 dev have favoritism (the same thing happens to Featherfoot Grace).
-FC now does 2k damage, can't crit.
-Loss Aversion gets its damage back, still can't crit. (it's a boon punisher spec, come on).
-Taunt and fear now procs Attacker's insight.
-Can proc FC by your own, but can't daze and isn't unblockable, if proc'ed by enemies, still unblockable and dazes.

-After a FC proc, your F1 hits like a T3 burst. <- This could help a lot to the lack of damage on axe T1 F1, good for pve and pvp, put this on a minor trait.
-Guard counter also grants resolution.
-Sun and moon style now changes it's name to "sun style", now gives 20% of reduced charge to your meditations + 2s resistance. 2 boonstrip on foes.
-Revenge counter also grants resolution, transfer condis.

-Featherfoot grace, also grants resolution, CD to 40s, 36 with "sun style".
-Natural healing now cleanses for 6 without selfboon removal, grants resolution.
-Break enchantments now works like the WvW version.
-Sight beyond sight is now pulsating for 5 seconds, constantly dazes close foes once revealed, your next attacking skill ignores blinds.
-Imminent threat is now a stunbreak, increased taunt duration (from 1s to 2) and pulsating resolution, the taunt is gonna be telegraphed on a red circle since this have no cast being a stunbreak.
-Winds of disenchantment now lasts 10s (on pvp only) and purges conditions on allies.

"But that's a lot of resolution and SBS (Sight Beyond Sight) also seems too strong" Yeah, and spellbreaker is also an antiwizard and a duelist, no duelist should struggle vs builds with scopophobia (fear at being seen, stealth spam).

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  • Zizekent.2398 changed the title to Adapting Spellbreaker to the current days

Liking some of these ideas, though I'll also toss in my 2 cent for some simple changes. 


Sight Beyond Sight- Should probably stick to being focused use against stealth abusers. Instead of the purposed daze, it should pulse a AoE  that applies revealed to stealthed foes, with a total of 3 pulses. The buff you get from SBS now isn't consumed on a hit but rather lasts for 4s, giving you increased critical strike against foes with revealed, and immunity from blindness for the duration.

Imminent Threat - Bump up the range to 360, increase the taunt to 2s, and lower the CD to 30, add unblockable.

Break Enchantment - This now also applies Disenchantment for 3s from foes you removed boons from. 

Winds of Disenchantment - Make it last 8s across all modes and nothing else. it provides a lot of good utility already by being a big projectile denial bubble, a lightning field for leap finisher dazes to proc dispelling force, and Disenchanted which is boon application denial, not to mention strips boons per pulse.

Natural healing - Increase the healing effectiveness per condition and boon removed. 

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