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  1. Remember, the game needs more nerfs and removal because "powercreep and unhealthy designs" so remove more options, nerf and move to the next set. This is the motto the game lives by. Dumpster them and I do hope the OP necros this thread later on when everyone is complaining about Virt lol.
  2. I don't think it should really be touched, but the funny thing is this effect falls underneath the "BROKEN/UNHEALTHY FOR THE GAME" category for all the balance preacher extremist since it straight up denies any form of crit by just camping earth attunement. So maybe it should be changed. Only to give 3-4s crit immunity when you swap to Earth Attunement
  3. Funny enough I used to be a long time guard main before(about 10-12k hours). I'm over here still writhing in agony from how dumb the events of the 2020 patch were. Wish there were 'just' little annoyances to complain about instead of a pile of huge ones. For all classes.
  4. "I have given thee courtesy enough." RAAAAARGHHH! -*Inhale, Exhale*- "Now I fight as Hoarah Loux!" "WARRIOR!"
  5. Can't have that because apparently conquest is better than every other possible game mode you can think of, because it has enormous gameplay depth, and if you put in another game modes it's going to take away from the already small population size of the 'bread and butter' game mode. šŸ˜€
  6. You aren't quoted because the post isn't aimed 'at you' specifically at all, it's a open post towards all the comments that want to jump to conclusions why people are so disagreeable with the 2020 patch in its entirety whenever this conversation is always brought up. So good job outing yourself I hope you feel silly. Though feel free to call me passive aggressive, coming from the guy that wants to call people Nostradamus for going off Anet's track record since the beginning of this game. Ofc you don't want things in a bad state because you play the game, just like everyone here it's a no
  7. Sometimes seeing posts like OMG YOU WANT 10k Dodge rolls and to be completely busted with no skill one shot meta back! Makes me believe Spvp's current state and ever rapidly decreasing low population is all but deserved and honestly I hope it gets much lower and I hope all the classes you enjoy playing get nerf hammered by blessed CmC's hammer. Because apparently people that want a healthy balance of sensible changes for all classes don't exist. The main gripe with the 2020 feb patch isn't the fact they decided to do large nerfs, there are things that are good to nerf but it was done in
  8. While not in the same ballpark, I took a break to actually play Elden Ring for the past few weeks to actually play a good warrior archetype. Looking back to Gw2 I'm pretty flabbergasted and feel horrible looking at warrior, and then seeing 7 damage CCs. and 300s ICD traits that have remained for years, and just everything with some sort of fun or usefulness, gutted. This game feels like it only takes away and never actually fixes anything, nothing really new or fun to look forward to. It's just downright depressing if I'm going to be honest how things feel.
  9. lol YES, part of the reason why the blanket CC change from feb 2020 patch is still one of the dumbest changes ever to be implemented in this game and I will perish on this hill. Funny enough though dazes were allowed to still do damage still, see Pommel Bash, Disrupting Stab, Rupturing Smash, Skull Grinder, Gunflame, Chaos Storm, . This dumb game is so kitten consistently inconsistent it's wild. Another funny thing about this point is it pseudo puts Stability into the same space as what old resistance were to conditions. šŸ’€
  10. My guy almost the entirety of the whole skill is negated by stability or blind(if not running revenge counter). It's a daze(which by default should be allowed to do damage) that does 27 damage. it doesn't do condi baseline unless you're traiting into it via Slow Counter/Revenge counter(which requires you to have condi on you.) Boon rip comes from 'Dispelling Force' , 'Full counter' does not have boon removal baseline , not to mention 'Dispelling Force' boon removal doesn't occur if it doesn't actually CC the target, and it's a melee range skill. The single stack of stability is there so y
  11. Really just given up on trying to fix things . We need to take the path of least resistance and nuke everything from orbit so things are on par with core engi, enough to where it's strong and part of the meta.
  12. Tbf Spvp only people aren't much of a different variation thinking a badge and a title(with low Spvp population/competition) nets them the hot stuff ticket/arrogant attitude, and get salty when you roll them over in WvW (NA perspective). There's a lot of former Spvp players that moved over to WvW since a while, mainly because the changes to Spvp over the years, or just out of sheer boredom. Not to mention all the bad rap/muddied water it gets as a bot infested, temper tantrum afk player haven, and a top end exploiter/Match manipulator game mode, does not help retain the image of 'competative'
  13. It's true, it's a button called "Rise" used by tons of reapers coordinated to make the server lag in massive fights. šŸ˜‰
  14. I'm not even advocating buffing berserker stats that's not it, it's mainly about returning damage to specs/classes (not all specs need it) had that got clobbered by a bunch of bad general damage nerf blanket changes, that and it reduced how they scale with stat investment. Changes made for Spvp in mind, you know the place without Clerics, Minstrels, Trailblaizers, Celestial, etc and balanced around that. Anet only goes with half baked solutions though so idk what to tell you other than, too much work and effort for them to do right. šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø
  15. It's almost as if the general blanket nerfs from years ago for Spvp (balanced around significantly limited pool of amulets) translates very poorly to wvw, and significantly reduced the investment you get for going something more glassy like Berserkers and Grievers. Who would've thought? Back then Celestial builds were good all rounder builds but lacked in the damage compartment compared to their glassier counterpart, and had to offset this lack in offensive stats with might stacking if they wanted adequate pressure. Now a days you get the best of both worlds with celestial if you want somethi
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