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Lost at Level 80!


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I just hit level 80 with my first GW2 character (Human Ranger).  I finished all of the personal story missions except "Victory or Death". I have done zero dungeons while leveling and don't even know how to start a group to get that dungeon mission done. Do I have to finish that mission before going to Silverwastes and beginning the HoT story? I ask because I looked on the wiki and saw that the beginning mission for HoT is "Rally to Maguuma", but the NPC that I'm supposed to get the mission from is not there (Tactician Elke).


I'd really like to get the "glider" ability and then, from PoF, the ability to obtain mounts. I'm just at a loss as to how to continue right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1.) Victory or Death (Arah Storymode) can be done solo. You do not need a group. It will take a little time to complete, but it is completely possible.

2.) All story can be separately activated and selected in your hero-panel (green star). You will have multiple options which story you want to do/start/progress. Personal Story, Living World 2/3/4, Icebrood Saga, Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire. Click on the Heart of Thorns and follow the instructions ... should be a button to confirm starting the story-line. Once that is activated, you are getting further instructions about where to go and what to do. 

Note: Story progression in GW2 is independant. You can abort one path and continue/start another one, return later and continue where you have stopped. No need to finish the personal story in order to start Heart of Thorns.

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Welcome! Congrats on finding GW2 and getting to 80! Sounds like a good plan (getting gliding and your mounts). You are in for a lot of fun!  Woodenpotatoes (on youtube) made a recent video on what to do at 80 that should be just right for you. If you are on a North American server feel free to hit me up in game if you need any help with story or whatever. Ware the pocket raptors!!

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7 hours ago, Bropine.8594 said:

LOL! Yes, I've been introduced to the pocket raptors. They swarm like bees!

Just think, they used to be worse than they are now.  My advice, still today, to handle them is pure, raw aggression.  Mounts will let you skip them, BUT, the best way to deal with pocket raptors is just to ATTACK! as soon as you see them in your way.  On a ranger, run right up into the middle of the swarm and hit axe 5.  That should pretty well take care of them.

If you decide to try to ignore them, you will die.

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