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  1. Thank you for the reply. So I'll show them some of the higher level world bosses, a beetle race, perhaps a dungeon or fractal. That and maybe try to do some of the Orr meta events. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  2. Hi all. I've talked a few friends into checking out the game during the final beta. Trying to gather a list of fun cool events for them to check out. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Also, free to play accounts will only have access to the core maps? Or can they travel to the HOT/POF maps on the beta characters?
  3. Im just guessing here but, perhaps it only counts the weapon that scores the killing blow. That is, say you are using a sword and focus, and the sword does the damge that finishes off the mob. Perhaps the game only counts that kill towards the sword portion of the achievement.
  4. As an alternative, l would recommend ascended backpacks from Bloodstone Fen. You can change the stats on them for like 100 unbound magic. Should you ever need to.
  5. If your character is male, l assure you however badly mix-matched gear you have accumulated while leveling it will look a ton better than the hexed set.
  6. I haven't been able to level a revenant past mid twenties or so. Deleted several attempts. Dont care for the green wavy lines when in (Shiro?) Or the ambient dialog that you mentioned. If it drops off after a certain level l could try again l suppose. I do think l would enjoy the new elite spec for EOD. The greatsword animations looked pretty cool to me during the beta.
  7. Welcome back! As well as the above advice, your boyfriend could always play GW2 with you on a free account. If money is a problem.
  8. I would assume the Dreambound weapon is to be passed around to different alts as you level them up. Your question makes me wonder if l have perhaps misunderstood the purpose of the items.
  9. These are some great replies to the OP. If you are on the NA servers, l would be glad to help you in the higher zones as well if you want to add me as a friend too.
  10. Welcome back! I would suggest that you go run around Orr till you start to feel more comfortable. Then check out some videos on whatever you feel you need to improve on.
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