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Seitung Meta - Sudden Meta fail on final boss

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We just attempted the Seitung Province meta on IP and had it crash with 8 minutes remaining on Renyak -- he'd just deployed his gyroes for the first time when we were teleported out of the cave and had the game freeze for quite a while (my partner's game crashed while mine was only frozen for ~10 seconds before it regained connection). The message now says "Aetherblade Assault: Renyak succeeded in his maniacal plan".


ETA: upon returning to the cave, the meta is back up after all and has 2 mins left; unfortunately, the cave is closed so we can't get back in.


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I notice if the timer starts at 0:00 for the setup to the boss, it'll bug out like this. I also notice if the smaller chests are already spawned (even if timer is normal), it'll bug out also.

I've been in instances where people enforce rules that they think might be the cause of the bugs (not using turtles on cannons, not using EMP for CC, and not opening the chests) and it'll still bug out.


The one time, I did get the meta successfully was joining an instance that I have not experience any of the blocking bugs (I kept a long list). In this instance, the cannons all had CC bars, the timer for the setup to Renyak was normal, and there were no chests spawned when we went inside. We also used EMPs and turtles on cannons freely in this run. It seems to be a bug with some instances and maybe some state the meta gets stuck in and doesn't reset (even after a daily reset). 

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Attempted this meta 6 times since the start of end of dragons, two times cannon cc bug, 4 times we get kicked out from last boss, when he has about 30% health. Not a single successful meta run for me. This is frustrating

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Got in a good META, things were good. got to the last 4% when the game stopped. Could see damage points rolling off, had a 44K connection, saw boss at 2% ... then the client crashed. Gah! Did not get anything for the new Vindicator.

Of course getting back in the game sent me to the wrong map, squad has disbanded, and no collection item for the weapon's collection. /le grr

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