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Underwater weapons on solid ground?


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Since the underwater combat was not the best thing happened with GW2 ( but even so, i am glad that ANET learnt from his mystake, though it was worth a try ), why don't add them to the normal armor pool?

We do have 3 weapons:

  • Spears
  • Harpon Guns
  • Tridents

Spears could be an offensive weapon with leaps and flurry attacks, or simply shares the Staff Skins.Trident could be, cause water related, an healer weapon.Harpon Guns could be totally reworked into a crossbow style ( we will mantain the harpon gun skins, but they will be able to add crossbows too ).

Some benefits

  1. Major market value for some categories of weapons.
  2. Precursor price to a decent standard.
  3. No need to introduce new weapons ( and maybe save some skills from the underwater ones ) cause these 3 do already exist.
  4. More skins, more fashion, more customization.
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