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Event Problem: Extract Jade Core Samples and Deposit Them for Safekeeping.

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Today I came across the event (Dragon's End map located just north of the Emerald Bluff Point of Interest) "Extract Jade Core Samples and Deposit Them for Safekeeping".  The issue with the event is that once you've acquired the locator and used it to discover a core, as you approach the core and try to enter the code it gives, the gear icon displayed above the core obscures the code given a majority of the time!  In fact, it was obscured so fully for the first two cores I located I wasn't even aware there was a code being issued and had no clue what to do.  Please either remove the gear icon, or better yet, show the code somewhere else on the screen (and perhaps make it considerably larger) so that it's possible to actually see it.  Thank you.

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