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Green Prophet Shard. Cap the drops not the dailies!!

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First of all capping these items makes no sence. Just like the currencies from raids. Fractals don't have a cap. But if you are going to have one make it the drops. Arenanet clearly said 150 per week. NOP! That counts the dailies and weekly. This makes no sence. It is wrong. It is an error and must be changed. basically the cap now is like 90 not 150. This was supposed to be a weekly farm for our clovers to make the new legendaries. Well i need 150 for clovers and 10 for the antique summoning stone so i am already over the line. No clovers for us. And did you even think you would also be getting some mystic coins with your extra shards from dailies? Nop! You are already over the line! Raids have extra minis drops!! THE CAP MUST BE 150 DROPS + THE CURRENT 60 FROM DAILY AND WEEKLY! This is not an argument. This is the only way this makes sense!

EDIT: If this isn't addressed the only conclusion is to spam a non daily strike on Monday for the 150 cap and then do the dailies and weekly for more. Is this the intended way?
EDIT 2: After some research in the wiki. Need to verify ofcource. It seems the drops are 60 from daily/weekly 40 from first time of the week and 60 from total drops. That means the cap is actually only 60!! So not worth it. Not to mention they drop nothing of value! You either do old strikes for gold or new for clovers. Only content still worth, that give both gold worth your time and also clovers is fractals t4 now.(RIP CMs)

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