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How to Distinguish Untamed Mechanics


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  • Toggling in and out of Unleash mode feels too similar to Soulbeast's mechanic of toggling in and out of merge mode.
  • Soulbeast has a drawback of only having one pet, and Druid has a drawback of having nerfed pet stats. What is Untamed's drawback?
  • Personal preference: I don't like that Untamed and Mechanist have F1-7 skills, while 94% of the other specs have F1-5 skills or less.


Design Proposal: Ranger Elite Spec Mechanics


  • Drawback: Access to only 1 pet at a time in combat
  • Redesigned Profession Skills: F1. Attack My Target (or First Pet Skill if it is recharged), F2. Second Pet Skill, F3. Third Pet Skill (Beast Skill), F4. Return To Me, F5. Unleash
  • Redesign Summary Notes:
    • The First Pet Skill or First Unleashed Pet Skill should replace Attack My Target when the skills are recharged (similar to how Jade Bot's Rescue Protocol replaces Bandage when Rescue Protocol is recharged). Add a border to F1 when Attack My Target is in effect on a live target, even if it is replaced by a recharged pet skill.
    • Unleashed F3 skill should be considered a Beast skill, for the sake of trait interactions, since this spec will no longer have access to two Beast skills via Pet Swap.
    • Pet Swap will be available out of combat with the same icon as Core Ranger's Pet Swap. But this icon will not have a key bind.


  • Drawback: Always merged, and no access to physical pets
  • Redesigned Profession Skills: F1. First Pet Skill, F2. Second Pet Skill, F3. Third Pet Skill (Beast Skill), F4. Swap Pet
  • Redesign Summary Notes:
    • Soulbeast will now be able to swap between two merged pet modes. The visual aura for various pet modes should vary (either by species or by stat archetype). For example, Stout pets can give a blue-green aura, Supportive pets can give a green aura, Versatile pets can give a yellow-green aura, Deadly pets can give a yellow aura, and Ferocious pets can give an orange aura.


  • Drawback: Reduced pet attributes
  • Redesigned Profession Skills: Unchanged
  • Redesign Summary Notes: Unchanged
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The drawback is already slotting the traitline in your build.


It's so annoying to have all those F skills considering how bad the pet AI is. Return to me keybind is mandatory at least in pvp if you don't want your pet wander half the map on his own.


They should rework that aspect or make the pet AI similar to the mech one.


And probably they should put a hard range cap of 1200-1500 on the pet, if he goes above that range he instantly tp back to you, same as when you pet swap and the pet appears.


Even if I set him on avoid combat and spam return to me, lot of times the pet still act on his own and make me killed because i fail to land a good smoke field for stealth etc.


Making 1 pet only in combat is stupid, you play untamed to get access to pet abilities, the master of pets and you make only 1 same as soulbeast? Nonsense. Soulbeast has merge, it has sense to be able to use only one, but not untamed.


Maybe the drawback is having to keybind more buttons than an elementalist.

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