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Fight against Mai Trin (can't see the AoEs)


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Hi, in the fight against Mai Trin, both during the story and the strike, there is a phase when the sniper shoots with a blue laser and you are supposed to stay inside one of 3 AoE. I watched some video on youtube (that's where I learned it), but the problem is that I've never seen these AoE with my graphic settings (playing on an old toaster). Also during the fight vs Minister Li, I can only see the numbers when I fight him on the upper platform, but not when we fight on the lower one.

Do you know what setting I have to change? So far I had no problem, usually important telegraphs and mechanics were always shown, but in this expansion I noticed that if you have low settings, you won't see some of them, and... well, they are quite important.


My current settings:  Animation (Medium), Antialiasing (None), Environment (Medium), LOD (Low), Reflections (None), Textures (Medium), Render (Native), Shadows (Medium), Shaders (Medium), Postprocessing (Low), Character Model (Medium). Depth Blur and Effect LOD enabled, rest disabled.

I also have "Disable Area-of-Effect Rings" enabled, to hide the mess of AoEs from allies. But usually it doesn't hide also AoEs from enemies (I'm using this option since Anet added this option, last year I guess, and so far it was fine).

Yeah, I know I need a new PC.

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Thank you @Naps Elif.7438. A couple of days ago I repeated that fight with an alt, enabling the Area-of-Effect Rings, leaving all the other settings the same, and indeed I have been able to see the circles. It's weird because in theory that option should disable only friendly/personal AoEs (or so I remembered. I could see the telegraphs vs bounties, before). But if this is intended, I guess I should keep it enabled and bear even more mess on my screen.

Thanks for the feedback!

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