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  1. Only if the 5-man premade is paired with another 5-man premade group, otherwise it would have too advantage with communication (for example using voice chat vs a random pug group). Sometimes I think the best way to remove some toxicity (since banning players after they have been reported seems too time consuming for ArenaNet) is to completely remove the chat, including the /say, during a pvp match. EDIT: Also, why am I paired with people in my block list?
  2. Not a warrior main, but usually banner slave warriors use power and precision, so if you want to remove power, you can use precision. However, having the traits as banner slave and using 1 single banner might be not so efficient, and especially considering that you called your character Mr Glass, I'd simply use a different build. Personally I play a banner slave with 2 banners (power and precision) in small group contents (fractals), while I use a power dps in open world (no banner).
  3. I'm not sure this is the right section (Community Events seems for in-game events only), but... let's try. At the beginning of the year, I started to play chess again, after a break of 5-6 years, on chess.com. I play VERY casually and I'm bad (it was just a way to keep contact with a dear old colleague, when I changed job). I noticed that there was a club "Guild wars 2", with only 3 players, so I joined (although the background is horrible to read). However, the club is dead, no one replied in 6 months, so no point in staying there. The idea of a GW2 club still tickles me, tho
  4. Yeah, I had the same problem: asked in guild, asked in map chat, no one replied, until I figured it out (Dragonstorm? Maybe it's simply the instance, with no story chat before... yep).
  5. Kudos for for bringing more people to the game, well done! I bought PoF, since it was on sale at 50% and I plan to give it to a random colleague as prize for a raffle. Maybe the Shatterer and Tequatl would be interesting for a new player. Probably everything that involves many players. You know, where you can see also the community working together, apart from instanced contents that in the end are common to many MMORPGs.
  6. I am on a German server and many people speak German in map chat, but not all of them. I'd say 30%. Few are French (maybe 5-10%) and I never see Spanish players. All the others speak English (probably even if they are German). I guess the game tries to put you first with people of your server, to some extent, but in the end filling the maps correctly, for meta events for example, is more important. So they are a good choice for people that want to speak that language only, but most of the players speak English anyway.
  7. Maybe it's because you are eligible for the prices from the moment you buy something on? For example the Feline was for reaching tier 2 iirc, maybe if you buy something later you won't unlock previous rewards? Not sure, just trying to understand. Although @Danikat.8537 received the Feline, after relogging. You can try his/her (or their, since Danikat is a Dragon) steps.
  8. The game is basically portable. You can even copy the whole folder into an external drive, to play it for example on a (*cough cough* company) laptop. But I don't play while I work, I swear!
  9. I unlocked the Feline this year, yes, exactly 2 weeks ago.
  10. O_O six years playing this game and I never noticed that option! Thanks! Coming from other games, where you can just change character to become invisible to your friends, I also had problems when people changed character in guild chat. Finally I realized that you can hover the mouse over their name in chat, to see their account name, and just remember that name.
  11. You were shielded for 17 damage! I didn't know barrier had this new effect either. EDIT: new... as 2 years ago, apparently.
  12. No, the timer depends on the players still climbing up the tower. It goes slowly when someone is still jumping. When the last one fails, it speeds up fast to the end. If you are the only one doing the JP (for example when it's not daily, late at night - it happened to me few times), you wait just few seconds after you fail. So if there's some good player with you, try to change instance.
  13. Yep, as Mungo Zen said. Especially if you played when the game was released, you have some nice rewards now. If you feel like spending few gold for an additional character slot, you can buy that. Otherwise, you could use any character to work on your map completion for example. Trying to complete a map, is still a way to refresh how to play the game, with no rush (for example starting from the low level maps). In the end, starting completely fresh, it only means that you have the personal story to complete. There is basically no tutorial that you would miss (the game has none,
  14. The Golden Racing Scarf might be difficult to get (iirc, the gold in Snowden Drift is quite difficult; it required several attempts), but the regular one (Racing Scarf, for just completing the race) should be easy and it's almost the same in the end. Do you have problems also to get the normal one? Did you try to stop using the mouse, after you start the race, and use only the keyboard + C and space?
  15. The main game changing update was adding the mounts. Without them, it's quite difficult to follow the group in open world, for example during a meta event. There have been other interesting QoL updates (for example we have now unidentified gear, instead of filling your inventory with random loot), but that's something that you will probably notice while you play. Also new group content. If you care about the story, I would suggest to complete HoT soon, so you can start PoF and unlock some mount. If you don't care about the lore, you can unlock at least the raptor (the first mount) if
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