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ANET Please make account bound skill/gear templates


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I am posting this in the official forum in the hopes that someone at ANET will read it.  I have 12 characters right now.... planning to make 3 more to create with the beautiful Cantan faces.  I started largely making duplicates of classes because I was already full up on my main character of that class.  With so many characters. I REFUSE to even begin engaging with soul bound unlocks.  From the many conversations I have had ingame and on social media I assure you i am nowhere near alone.  For me... buying a new character slot on sale offers way more value than investing in soulbound unlocks... I just wont do it.

I was so disappointed when templates came out and I saw the shameless price gouging that took place.  I was so angry that I actually boycotted the Gemstore completely for over a year.  It was really only when Season of the Dragon was released that I softened my position as I saw that ANET was really giving a gift to the communnity.  This is a serious issue for me because my gameplay is being seriously suffocated by the system as it stands right now.  I am being stoped from expanding my play as I would wish.  Im going for full legendary armour and wish to get into raiding... specialise in WVW and so many things... I love build craft and would love to more fully explore the different specs ingame. I would love to have one skill slot as a Cosplay slot to really play around wih different looks for my characters.  Im a dedicated screen artist and that freedom would be wonderful.   However the hideous paywall is stopping me... and yes I admit my unwillingness to play along.

A solution to a previous problem was created in the form of Mount Select licenses when the playerbase was angry about mount skins being locked behind RNG.  They provided a more expensive way to get exacly what you want.  This is what I suggest.  Of course account bound slots would be more expensive.  I recommend 2k gems for gear slots and 1600 gems for skills slots.  This scales and provides benefit to those of us with more than 4 characters. If account bound slots were introduced i would likely max the system providing significant revenue.... left as it is I will never spend one penny on the soulbound system.  I know many players feel exactly the same.  ANET is missing a huge income here.  Dont believe that we will cave and eventually start buying soulbound slots.  It will never happen.  For many it is a matter of principle not just finances. 

There is a huge untapped market here. Im asking that you take advantage of it,  Take our money please.  The template system is a black mark on this game.  It is actually the only system that actually stops people from playing as they wish. Some people complain about storage bags... but in reality there are many ways to greatly increase bag space using ingame systems.  There is no alternative with templates.  They create a hard wall that stops dedicated players from expaning.  Surely this is a bad move in terms of ongoing development.  

The problem has gotten worse with EOD because now we have a whole new set of elite specs many of which I am interested in trying.  however to do so it would mean dismantling some of my current builds that I love.  The problem will only get worse with future xpacs.  It just feels terrible. 

Dont think you will make more money keeping it soulbound.  You wont.  You will make a huge amount more moeny creating an account bound option....  this is guaranteed.  It would also buy back a lot of trust and credibility from your dedicated veteran community.  We are the ones being hurt here.  The ones who are investing more and more deeply into the systems of this game.  We are the backbone of the community... the ones who stay when others come and go.  We are the ones who continue to fund the game through significant gemstore purchases.  The way templates were handled was a direct insult to us.  Now is really the time to put it right.  I got money waiting in my bank to invest in account bound slots.  Please take it.  

Honestly, I dont know how much more i am willing to expand my family of characters.  I know some people have many more than me.  Im getting to the limit of what i can manage.  I am feeling suffocated and unable to progress.  Please do the right thing and create account bound slots.  Everyone will win.  People with little need can continue to invest in soulbound unlocks.  More dedicated players can invest in account bound unlocks.  ANET will make a bunch of money and win back goodwill and trust.  I see it only as a winning proposal.  Please make it happen.  PLEASE

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