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  1. I didn't want to outright declare it as one because I know how the forum-goers are around here.
  2. Quite right. I probably average 3-5 hours per week of playing GW2 due to real life obligations and responsibilities.
  3. Boosting a financial quarter is another reason to select a particular time to release an expansion.
  4. But it is available to anyone casual. I'm as casual as they come and I was able to manage it over time.
  5. If trash items were allowed to be sold to vendors (even for a pittance), I wonder how that might affect the economy?
  6. I would say that they are both legendary. Devs have already said that there would be no free flight. I really wish people would stop asking for it.
  7. Ok, so now you're just being disingenuous for whatever reason. I never said that raids detract from other content. Please, if you're going to argue with me then at least stop making things up. I said that raids have detracted from my game experience because the resources put into them could have been better spent in other aspects of the game. You know what? Never mind. You win because I prefer not to waste my time and energy trying to have a meaningful discussion with you.
  8. That still doesn't counter my point that I find raids detract from my game experience because I would rather Anet spend resources elsewhere. I really don't understand what you're getting at with the continuing insults to me and other posters in this thread.
  9. You know this how? But even if I accept your premise, then it further supports my point. The money used to hire raid developers could have been used instead for other areas of the game. Oh, and for your edification, when you are discussing counter points of view, insulting one's opponent is a sign of a very weak argument.
  10. Raids ruin my game experience because they were never originally intended to be included in GW2. Now that they are, there are precious development resources being applied to them which, in my opinion, would better be spent elsewhere which would help to enhance my game experience.
  11. The skyscale is pretty much a legendary mount. It will take a lot of grind to obtain. Your best bet would be to pick one requirement and work on that. Then, when finished, work on the next one. I didn't rush to get mine and was able to complete it (with Wiki help!) over several months of very casual play. I have other commitments (family, work, etc) so I just did a little at a time. I think that the requirements are fine and should not be adjusted.
  12. Maybe there are far fewer players interested in the same map(s) as the OP? Also, my experience is that a larger group of players will tend to migrate to whatever map generates the highest reward.
  13. I'm old enough to remember this commercial. 🙂
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