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  1. I think it is more that some players think that other players are "cheating" or getting things for virtually free without working for them. Somehow, it is "unfair". I don't see that logic.
  2. Some people just want everything to be free in a game that is free to play.
  3. Again, expansion content is not pay to win. It's an update to the game. Either you choose to update or not. The argument was about P2W items in the gem store, which there aren't any.
  4. That's kinda the point. Any cost will be considered "too high" by someone, whether is it $2 or $25. In a model without a subscription, the company has to make a profit. Yes $25 is probably close to the cost of an expansion, but they can't churn out an expansion every month. Heck, to think of it, $25 for an expansion is a steal. Regardless, skins aren't required to play the game or complete content, so that $25 is completely optional. Additionally, Anet has given players a method to purchase items without ever paying RL cash for them with the gold to gem conversion. So, I ask, wh
  5. You're paying for expansion content. That's not pay to win. Again, tell me how not having these stats can cause me to lose GW2. Or, how having them can cause you to win GW2?
  6. Maybe Anet gets less salt posting to Twitter than here.
  7. What actually do you win, though? How can you spend gold to beat me in GW2? How do I lose GW2 by not spending gold?
  8. None taken. 🙂 It's all good. I guess that Anet is making enough money for their investors with the current model and maybe they have marketing data from wherever that suggests changing to a different model would be less profitable. /shrug
  9. Sorry, I disagree. Players that remain playing the game have a greater chance of spending money for gem store items which will bring in revenue over the player who has left with no guarantee of their return. Anet shouldn't make projections based on players that might return at some point in the future. ANet might also have better metrics on which accounts do continue playing for years at a time and which ones are idle. It may be that there are more active players over the years than you think. However, that's something that neither of us will know. 😉
  10. No, it is designed for players to continue playing, not leave for a period of time and return. Anet gains no revenue when players take time away from the game.
  11. 25 bucks is too much for a skin that is account bound and can be used with no restrictions in a game with no sub fees. Got it.
  12. This assumes that a problem exists. Seems like Anet doesn't believe there to be one. Which is the only opinion that really matters, to be fair.
  13. I would be very surprised if this function was available on these forums.
  14. Well, companies can compose tweets and schedule them to be posted at a later time/date. Can't do that on the forum. Not an excuse, but just one possible reason.
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