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Getting The Binding of Ipos

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Hello everyone,


I was thinking about working towards getting my first legendary The Binding of Ipos.


I had a few questions before I even begin.


1. Is there any PvP required? I personally hate PvP and hopefully it is not required, if so is there an easy way of getting what is needed from PvP?

2. I see we can go with either Gift of Maguuma Mastery or Gift of Desert Mastery. Is 1 of these overall easier to get over the other?

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No PvP, specifically, is required, but WvW is - more on that in a minute.  You will have to have a full stack of Shards of Glory, which is a PvP reward/currency/thingy, but you can get that off the TP for less than 3 gold for the full stack.

WvW is going to be required for the Gift of Battle, along with a full stack of Memory of Battle (the WvW version of Shards of Glory).  Memory of Battle are quite a bit more expensive coming in at about 50 gold per stack on the TP.  Fortunately, you won't have to buy a full stack, you'll get some from the rewards from the Gift of Battle reward track.  If you don't do WvW, keep an eye out for the easy dailies - Big Spender, Master of Monuments, Veteran Creature Killer, and Land Claimer are probably the easiest and can be solo'd without too much concern of running into opposing teams.  The WvW dailies reward you with a Potion of WvW rewards. It takes 80 potions to complete a reward track, but, you should get some of the reward track done just completing the dailies to get the potions too.  Be sure to run the guild WvW reward track booster.

Gift of Maguuma Mastery is going to require you to map complete all of HoT.  GoMM is going to require a full stack of crystalline ore from Dragon Stand.  Gift of Desert Mastery will require you to complete all of PoF.  But you are limited to 8 funerary incense from the heart vendors, however, the Primeval Steward in the Tomb of Primeval Kings in Desert Highlands will trade an unlimited amount per day as long as you have the trade contracts (and the amalgamated gemstones, obsidian, and ectos)...but that's like 25k trade contracts for the full stack of Funerary Incense you will need.  IMO, it's a toss up on how fast you want it, and what you already have done in game.

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