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  1. Hello everyone! I have been looking for an HP train for HoT to start however have had no luck finding one. Just curious if anyone knows if and guilds or anything have a scheduled one or if anyone knows if there is a specific day/time someone typically starts them? My characters is sadly built around the elite spec and the gear can't do anything alone so have not even unlocked the waypoints yet.
  2. This has been an issue from release date. I find it insane they have yet to add options such as Reduce visual effects from othersRemove visual effects from othersOnly show visual effects from party
  3. But here is the problem though: The OP literally states “I don’t think this needs too much explaining as to why”. He obviously has a problem but give no context, no mob details, nor does he say what classes he plays. It just is kinda hard to be sympathetic when he is being so cryptic. That is like the worst way of offering feedback. Personally I just upvoted the post below the OP. Edit: and btw, we don’t even know if he speaks about PvE, SPvP or WvW. I am not sure what else to explain. There are a lot of mobs in.pve who can put you on the ground and keep you there for one simple mistake. PvP
  4. This. I am very aware of stun breaks and stability. But basically need to keep all my utility as those kind of skills which isn't much fun on my opinion when random mobs sometimes pop out of no where.
  5. This game really needs to be set up so if you get stunned or knocked down there is a 4 to 5 second delay before it happens again. I don't think this needs too much explaining as too why. Just gets kind of annoying the amount of times it happens and you can't do much to get off the ground until you die.
  6. This has been a huge complaint of mine for years. They just need a setting to disable other people's skills effects and I think I'll be able to actually see what I'm fighting.
  7. I promise this thread will die before the game does it that helps?
  8. Hey everyone, Overall for pve which is better? Solo open world for events and champions. Condition herald or a weaver with sword and dagger?
  9. Yes. Capes in gw2 is pretty huge and has been wanted for 7 years :)
  10. Ok it's awesome, I love it. Who else got it?
  11. I keep reading people want expansions. I fully understand the "why" people want them it seems to make sense most the reasons why people want them. And here is the but. We got 2 new expansions. When hot came out we got 4 maps. (Well 3 with dragons stand just being a meta event). This grossly thinned population in other maps. We then got pof with 4 maps also hugely thinning population in other maps. So many people think the game is dying because we see less and less players. We still have a huge population but these expansions with new maps at once I think spread the players out way too much. Wh
  12. Strictly pve. I do fine with mobs but like being able to solo tough events and champions
  13. I am horrible at dps in this game and every game. I try to never go to kill them before they kill me, I like to build myself to do around half damage as others but be very very hard for any mob to kill me. With that said right now I am building a sword dagger weaver, I have mostly a big mix of everything with mostly healing and vitality. A mix with condition damage power and precesion (more power than condition damage). I am curious if I should switch out rune of the flock for rune of sanctuary to get all those bonus barriers on every hit. I was trying to debate which is overall better for sur
  14. All magi armor? Then zerker weapons with a mix of condition on on.accessories?
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