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Viper Mechanist for open world


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I made a post about mechanist when it came out but have since changed it a bit. 


Viper Mechanist with berserker runes, Mace/pistol, sigil of strength and bursting. Also run 4 signets "Rectifier Signet" "Superconducting Signet" "Shift Signet" (can be swapped with Force Signet for 12% more Power damage but you lose your stun break, movement speed, condi cleanse and teleport) and "Overclock Signet". I use Grenades as my tool kit so I have range when I need it.

Explosives>222 Firearms>123 Mechanist>113 The Mechanist is amazing as a hybrid damage build. Power for dealing with trash mobs and Condi for stacking on Elites and bosses. In the explosives trait line you can swap "Explosive Temper" with "Blast Shield" if you need more sustain but I found I never really need it. And in the firearms trait line you can swap "Thermal Vision" with "No Scope" if you want to lean more to the power side.


The Grenade kit builds 10 stacks of "Explosive Temper" very quickly and swap back to Mace/Pistol to take advantage of it and swap back again to quickly reapply the stacks.

Oh also with Jade Bot Core: Tier 10 you go from 15,922 hp to 18,272 hp

(I thought Anet was against Vertical progression xD)


Have also used this in tier 1 & 2 Fractals and also Dungeons and it works great.



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25 minutes ago, MrForz.1953 said:

Eh if you want to go this route, might as well use the Elementalist runes to fuel even more stats to the mech.

I have 97.87% Burn/Bleed duration. With the Elementalist runes 10% Condi duration it over caps duration, so you are only getting 2.13% from the final 6th rune bonus. At least to the Condis that matter which are Bleed and Burn.


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