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  1. For each race they should have an individual cultural festival at some time in the year. Don't know what the rewards should be but the goal should be to teach players more about the lore/culture of each race :3 It would also give players more reason to go see these cities besides the odd time they go to them instead of human town and lions arch. They could also do cultural fests for Amnoon and Cantha.
  2. I have 97.87% Burn/Bleed duration. With the Elementalist runes 10% Condi duration it over caps duration, so you are only getting 2.13% from the final 6th rune bonus. At least to the Condis that matter which are Bleed and Burn.
  3. I made a post about mechanist when it came out but have since changed it a bit. Viper Mechanist with berserker runes, Mace/pistol, sigil of strength and bursting. Also run 4 signets "Rectifier Signet" "Superconducting Signet" "Shift Signet" (can be swapped with Force Signet for 12% more Power damage but you lose your stun break, movement speed, condi cleanse and teleport) and "Overclock Signet". I use Grenades as my tool kit so I have range when I need it. Explosives>222 Firearms>123 Mechanist>113 The Mechanist is amazing as a hybrid damage build. Power for dealing w
  4. did some testing today with arc dps. 12.5k dps sustained. No Flamethrower quick swap. Max 15.8k 13k dps sustained no boons. With Flamethrower quick swap. 18k Max 17.8k sustained dps with boons. No Flamethrower quick swap. Max 23.5k 20.8k dps sustained with boons. With Flamethrower quick swap. Max 28.7k the strongest though is bomb kit quick swap
  5. if we want the game to be harder then they have to start nerfing all the power creep. these changes are fine. The game is too easy as is. I would rather have had them just increase the mob density or buff the mobs that exist though. Anet wants us to dodge more.
  6. Hehe its all good the input was great! I will def give kits a bit more of a chance and see if I can come around them. Also I run 4 sigs on my Warrior for the same reason "Low Intensity" When I want balls to the wall gameplay I play my Elementalist. lol
  7. yeah I camped cause low intensity hehe but i did add this bit "Quick swapping between P/P and a kit would prob net you the highest damage possible but yeah I want that "Low Intensity" To cover what you mentioned above. I would probably use the flamethrower quick swap method in fractals though to maximize the DPS. Also I do have a set of Trailblazers gear for more difficult content that I can swap to when needed.
  8. I solo pve and do dungeons, fractals and Metas mostly. No raiding. PvP will require a completely different build. In fractals I would probably has a modified version of the build for a bit more party synergy. As for the kits I did try the flamethrower back in beta and it was alright, but it was out DPS by the P/P weapon set. but if I did go for a kit in the build I would definitely use the flamethrower. not a huge fan of Nades or bombs. xD Quick swapping between P/P and a kit would prob net you the highest damage possible but yeah I want that "Low Intensity" 😛
  9. Ah yeah I misunderstood. BTW I edited my response a bit as you were responding. I added a bit about the Tools trait line viability if you want to comment on that. If I was to go with the Tools trait line the build would look like this http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeEBk6prlxyaZwMXWMWyXvxaA-zRJYmRffhkTRkbEESqI8FJI2PvmUMtB-e
  10. No worries my dude I put it here to be critiqued, I am really not a big fan of kits, which is why you don't see it one in this build. And I wanted to make this build as more of a "Low Intensity" build with fewer inputs cause I like to watch Youtube while playing and I am not always 100% focused. The explosions line has Condi built into the master trait as well as Vulnerability in the intermediate trait. what trait line would would you think would work better? I also should clarify that I MOSTLY do pve and I know you can use pretty much any build in pve and succeed but I still
  11. NP, I am glad you like it! Any input on the build is welcome too.
  12. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeEBk6prlxyaZwMXWMOML5xaA-zRJYmRffhkTRkbEESqI8FJI2PvmUMtB-e What do you think? Its over capped on bleed and burn but the build does 10 different Condis (slow is not being detected by the build editor) so I went hard on the duration so all those Condis will last as long as possible. Update to above ^ (it actually isn't really over capped as I found out that Chemical Rounds & Incendiary Powder actually go on top of the 100% Condi duration) Also I am Torn between the traits- Mech Core: Jade Dynamo and Mech Core: J-D
  13. been trying to do this for a week to no avail. i need a full map thats dedicated to doing it but i cant find one. where can i find people to help me? i need it for the Redeeming IG-6417 cheev for the backpack
  14. So far I like it. I have tested Marauders build and vipers build and the vipers build blows the marauders away. Few issues I have are... -Move "Recall Mech" to f5 so you can put "Return to Me" on f4 -Fix the pathing. on fractals 24, first boss, the golem will sit in the middle platform during updraft phase when you have to just up the updraft to each platform to kill a veteran on each one. -"Discharge Array" sometimes when i use this command, the golem sits just out side of the range that the circle needs to apply the conditions.
  15. -Name of pet resets every time you summon it. -in Auric basin, my golem decided to attack one of the invincible worms on the west side of the map and i could not get him to attack any other target until the invincible aura was removed from the worm. -in Fractal 24, first boss, the golems will remain in the center and not follow the player through the jump updrafts. -pathing actually appears to be worse than ranger pets
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