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  1. I am currently running this build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Renegade_-_Power_Bombardment Except i am running short bow instead of staff and using the trait Charged Mists instead of Roiling Mists. Question i have is with the Traits Vindication vs Lasting Legacy. They just changed Lasting Legacy to also increase life steal damage. i am wondering if its worth taking this trait over Vindication now for damage? or is Vindication still better? One of the benefits of Vindication is that i can generate might even when im on my short bow because i have no strength r
  2. what do you guys think of ESO's champion point system? would give us players more customization over our toons. doubt it would happen but yea lol.
  3. oh i was only aware of like 6 sets getting actual play could a single stat set work? like imagine a set that ONLY gives power but a ton of it. you would have low crit chance and crit damage but some classes can make up for low crit chance with certain skills and builds. it would prob be terrible but theory crafting lol.
  4. New Stat combos are cool but like im saying in my post. do we need more? we dont even use half of the stat combos in the game already.
  5. There are currently over 30 in the game and only like 6 of the sets see any actual play. will adding more stat combos that will never be used be even worth the Dev time? I think instead of stat combos they should add in a system like they have in Elder scrolls online. The Champion System. The Champion system in ESO for those who haven't played it works a lot like paragon levels in Diablo 3. but for clarity here is an explanation from ESO academy. http://esoacademy.com/champion-system/ In basic terms, in ESO after level 50 you get champion points which you can put int
  6. Its not even hard to get to level 80. It took me 3 days at launch and now i can do it in less than a day using NO boosts. With boosts mere hrs.
  7. I soloed all of pof and hot.just gotta pick the right class as not all of thrm are up to the task. I main Reaper in pve so its all a real cakewalk i hadent been in downstate on my necro since HoT released till today actually. And it happened in drizzlewood coast as i didnt know what i was getting into as it was my first time on that map and the mobs are super tanky. But played the last few hours and once again its pretty cakewalk.I would say second place would be power renegade. It has tons of sustain as well
  8. I wish we could choose which skills obeyed the autosnap ground targeting option. Myself i want to be able to put my dps aoe skills on it but any heal skills like ele staff 3 or 5 off it cause i want to place that where i want. And regarding keybindings i think each character should be able to have seperate keybinds if we want.yea.... thats all lol
  9. This has made me avoid PoF/LWS4/Icebrood maps completely unless I am playing on my tankiest class Reaper cause I know even with 5 second skill delay my Necro wont die. But its not enjoyable at all. So most of the time I just stick to central Tyria, WvW/SPvP and HoT because I never get skill lag in any of those maps.I see people saying this is a recent development, but I have had this issue since PoF first launched albeit with far lesser skill lag duration and occurred less often. Now its 100% of the time in those maps I get it. PoF has been out for 3 years now and its still not fixed......
  10. I have been running a marauder tempest for awhile now and i wanna try out a condi build.I recently saw a video on another forum post here of a weaver getting like 17k burns and was intrigued. Is Tempest capable of this as well?On metabattle i noticed there are no weaver build for pve, only Tempest and base Ele. Why is this?
  11. For example Necromancer summons dont follow you when your mounted. They vanish and reappear when you dismount. Elementalist summons should be the same just if they expire while your mounted then yeah then they should be gone when you dismount.Also an annoying thing is if you summon a rockdog using Superior Rune of the Ogre, the rockdog also dies the second you mount up. I believe its like this also for rune of the golemancer.
  12. What if instead of new elite specs they added a whole new class? Or even 3 new classes, one for each armour class light, medium and heavy?Wonder if people would enjoy that as much as new elite specs. I know for myself i would prefer elite specs still but just thought i would throw this out there.The 3 new classes would still have elite spec of there own, lets say one each and then they could release the second elite specs later in the living world.
  13. Yea the necromancer at least only has the bug where if you mount and dismount too quickly then all your minions die. would rather have that than them all just dying out right.
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