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  1. I was about to recommend JQ until I actually read the message. It just has its ups and downs much like most of servers I suppose.
  2. It's understandable. 8 looks like a bad omen given the direction of the previous two e-specs, it's either more of the same like Warrior or "sTaFf GoLeMaNcEr" which is both a disaster in lore, gameplay and flavor. Not like we have any control on that matter, I just hope we never had any influence on Anet's spec designs to begin with...
  3. The poll is very restrictive. I'd very much like a functional Warrior before e-specs are in play.
  4. Here's hoping Anet didn't listen to the players tantrums about specs.
  5. Scrappers are names given to the survivors of the fleet crash in the jungle, and much like you said, not all engineers are scrappers but all scrappers are engineers. A pirate can be made from any class, the Aetherblade roster is varied and made of engineers, warriors, thieves, elementalists, hell Mai Trin is likely a Thief. If a spec was perhaps restricted in compatibility to two classes, like Daredevil getting Physical skills like Warriors it wouldn't be much of a problem, but anyone can be a pirate.
  6. Ah yes, I've seen the leaked Engineer Alchemist e-spec too.
  7. Pirate isn't exactly a profession, it's more of a lifestyle and is simply done through fashion. Besides, Engineers already have everything fit for a pirate, get yourself a HMS Divinity for extra sailor points.
  8. That's exactly what he meant. Probably core Necromancer, definitely killable, but may have just enough resources to drive you off the camp and capture it.
  9. You know... a Thief is already an assassin. And an Engineer is already an alchemist. It's all over the core trait lines.
  10. Golemancer... It could look like a three headed snake some people would still think it's a golemancer spec. We are completely in the dark.
  11. Large scale battles on open maps with objectives such as flag capping. 1942 (and to some extent, BF2) were notorious in that it had just the right amount of arcade to have them refrain from being tedious. I loved the games to pieces but I'm not sure there's anything one could transplant from the old BF series to WvW that isn't already there and that is compatible with GW2's or even just a MMORPG's design.
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