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  1. It was something like this, but nowhere close to Mechanist as it even neuters the remaining two specs. As for the popularity, few people cared for cost-efficiency, dieselpunk and engineer memes so it's difficult for someone trying to live out their Asura wizardry RP dreams to get interested in Scrapper and Core, but I suppose it's the same thing more or less on every class. Add to the mix all the clickbait stuff about how "Rifle Mech is absolutely bonkers you must try it now!!!!" and this is all you'll meet on the engi side of things these days, no matter if they're competent or food.
  2. Anything with projectiles, anything that can be reflected. All of it is fair game, Rifle shots, grenades, Photon Blitz, etc.
  3. They don't have to like it, and there's zero incentive to visit them anyways because Holosmith as a whole gets bullied by Power Mech + Condi Mech and Scrapper is just an inferior Quickness dispenser. I do have a gripe on the fact that the spec reeks of fan service after Golemancer was moaned about for years even though it's unrelated to the class in both concept and practice. I don't like the Guardian specs, and I'm not going to try to bend the class to my preferences without much experience, why would it be different for people and Engineer. But yes, what's done is done, at least they're meme
  4. Meh. It's not Engies you see, it's the jade tech knockoffs, most will not express any form of interest in the other specs or core. If that's what it takes for the "class" to be everywhere I'd rather go back to the niche.
  5. Why do you feel the urge to pick a main if that doesn't seem to be your thing at all?
  6. I see DPS, Quick/Heal, I'll sign in. Maybe the competition is stiff, maybe it's not FB, but it did, and still does the job even if not that optimally. If you're that much on the lookout for fine tuning you might as well jump on another class yourself because specs will always steal eachother spots in the pug life, whether it's DPS or Support. Not that it matters to me, but it's not Engi that is being searched for, it's Mechanist. FB's little brother might be another class entirely given how alien it is compared to the source material but eh, congratulations for being "desired" by some
  7. This, so much f-ing this. I don't get where people pulled that kind of data beyond trying to attend a victimization contest but Engineer did the job without that much more effort and was, like many other classes, shadowed by a few more comprehensible offenders. It did okay at the release, built the Beethoven reputation with the condi changes through HoT, PoF further cemented that reputation while giving much simpler yet competitive alternatives, both on Holosmith and Scrapper, the former already being called degen at times. The whole concept of "Our time is now after all these year
  8. Turret is always a red flag due to its current state I'm afraid, even if that one, at the very least, scales with the player stats. Because of the lack of toolbelt skills, Mechanist can't make use of the quicker and dirtier damaging skills like let's say Rocket Boots for its Rocket Kick skill, which effectively only leaves kits to deal damage with. Best thing you can realistically do is swap one kit, preferably FT for the Superconducting Signet and the Mortar Kit for the Overclock Signet.
  9. The rifle is whatever, it's Mechanist all around it that overloads it, but it pretty much overloads everything. You won't get any added benefit in running Rifle with Holosmith, Scrapper, or Core with the latest changes beyond an easier time maintaining the Explosives traits. That spec cannibalized all the builds I have in PvE expect for Qcrapper.
  10. Wow, I might actually struggle now?
  11. If more trait lines have more value in a build's direction, they'd be considered over an elite trait line carrying a tradeoff. I admit I'd very much like a reason to play Core Engi again beyond "shits and giggles" and a moa one-trick in PvP.
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