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  1. Can add it to the immense pile of turret suggestions. The good ideas are certainly not lacking, it's just that there's barely any hope that any action will be taken to fix, rework, or simply make them better.
  2. An axe. Like, you know, an actual combat engineer but eh, hardly matters I'll be okay with anything so long as it's not designed like our latest toy.
  3. Pretty much it. I'd guess a celestial variant of the LI condi mech but with a shortbow instead. You drop all your skills on you and your mech, it does the damage and tada. The shortbow by itself has close to zero dps for the cooldowns it has so if you don't have a mech to carry you around you're better off wielding literally anything else for better overall results even in OW. There's no cooking potential on the buildcrafting aspect for that thing which is the part I deplore for a "core" weapon, it belongs in a boon healer build and nowhere else. I don't know how well received Warrior staff is but it, at the very least, deals decent damage and has a lot of mobility for something that is meant to be a support weapon, and they can swap. What gives.
  4. Scrapper is one of the best power dps builds to run in instanced content at the moment because of the latest buffs to that trait. You may not produce quickness but you're still chock full of CC, can revive at range and hand out superspeed like candy with a 40k+ bench and simple gameplay.
  5. Sorry about that, don't mind the OP too much. Their post got removed from the engineer section for low quality trolling and I suppose... they've decided to repost it in the elementalist section veiled under a half relevant title.
  6. Yes it would be human. Though let's not pretend that the asura players didn't push for this thing to exist to fulfill that weird fantasy.
  7. I don't like it either, it's probably good in what it does but it's so inflexible for something one can't weaponswap out of.
  8. Two asuras did that on most of LWS episodes before EoD.
  9. Aren't you people supposedly better than this?
  10. Wow, I certainly am glad it's not that. 😂
  11. Been like this since release. Grenade kit also used to have a faster attack speed until it ate a nerf, bomb kit for some reason avoided it all this time.
  12. I just want to keep my engineer memes man, the wrench is mightier than the sword. I signed up here to drop nails, spit napalm, build anything out of junk in less than 5 seconds, spray questionable fumes and get launched backwards by my own rocket boots, I have no care for asuran wizardry and other Marvel-tier, Taimi-Ex-Machina technology.
  13. This obsession is in equal parts tiresome and worrisome.
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