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Getting MAX damage from Bladesongs


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This might be obvious to some but there are some enemy confirmations that you can achieve maximum damage for not only Bladesongs but any ranged piercing weapon.

This most basic Configuration is what most players know
Which is primary used for the F1 Bladesong, Auto-attack, Ultimate(Thousand Cuts)



The second configuration is more tricky but the basic idea is that all Melee enemies will follow you while the ranged do not so we can use this to our advantage



I will introduce the Temporal Curtain , The main reason to use this is group up ranged targets.
The main thing to remember is it will only group up 5 targets so avoid using this on melee.



The next configuration is the eventual problem with Temporal Curtain is that the enemies will move away, to avoid this use F3 Bladesong with Master of Fragmentation or Sword of Decimation.



The final configuration is to explain is how the F2 Bladesong works since there is a lot of misconceptions about it.
The main thing to keep in mind is that it is a mix of an aoe and a piercing attack, it has an hourglass shape.

The damage is lower on the closest enemy and furthest enemy since not all 5 blades will hit.
The closer you are the worse this preforms since the hourglass will become wider.

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